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Changing bedroom plans, again!

Bedroom Plans

I wrote last year about Aiden turning 16 and going to live with his dad when he’d finished school.

He’s had a change of heart now and has decided to stay with us and go to Lincoln college instead of Derby college.
I’m really happy that he’s staying.

The girls, well, that’s a different story!

They were looking forward to having a bedroom of their own and they’d planned how they were going to have the furniture arranged and the colour scheme they wanted and now they have to share for another 2 years, at least!

I had wanted to get Kaycee a day bed and Ella a cabin bed but now we have to rethink all the plans because Kaycee’s going to need room for a desk to do her homework.

Cabin Beds

We’re going to go with cabin beds that have clothes storage underneath as well as a desk.
I’ve been perusing Pinterest for high sleeper bed ideas and saw quite a few I like.

I like this one for Kaycee

High bed with drawers and desk
Image source –

and this one for Ella

High sleeper with wardrobe and desk

Aiden’s already got a high sleeper with a desk underneath but he rarely uses it and he has another desk in his room so he’d like a bed he doesn’t have to climb up to get in!
I’m thinking of getting him a metal single bed but I’m not sure whether to get black or white. I think he’d prefer black but if I get a white one, we can use it for the girls if needed when he does move out.
I like this one from Bedstar.

Single metal bed
Image source

We need to get rid of a couple of the bookcases and the wardrobes from Kaycee and Ella’s room to create more space for the beds but we don’t get rid of books so we’ll need to try and relocate them somewhere else in the house!

Bedroom plans - Girls room after

I’m not sure how we’re going to fit everything in that they need but Ant’s pretty good at making the best use of space so I’m sure he’ll have some good ideas 🙂

We’re going to let them choose their own bedding so they can personalise their own part of the room. They’ll have to work together to choose new pictures and the curtains will be switched out for new ones. The ones have now are a bit too pink for Kaycee’s liking!

Getting them to work together will be a task in itself as they don’t often agree on anything!

It’s going to be fun 🙂

Bedroom Furniture

As some of you may know, we’re currently decorating our new house and I’ve been doing lots of planning and virtual window shopping, wishing I had an unlimited budget so I could buy some new furniture for our new house!

I’ve been looking at bedside tables for Kaycee and Ella. They currently have bunk beds but we’re thinking of putting them out as single beds and I thought it’d be nice for them each to have a bedside table for their lamps and bedtime story book.
Ella has a Moshi Monsters lamp that she had for Christmas…

and Kaycee has a ceramic mushroom fairy house lamp that was mine when I was younger 🙂

I’ve been on Pinterest a lot having a look at different ideas for bedside tables. I love little round tables but we need storage so although they’re pretty, they’re not very practical.
There’s a great selection of bedroom furniture at The Range and I’ve been checking out the different styles.

Because I’m looking for furniture for the girls I naturally went straight to the ones with pink on but they seem to be rebelling against pink at the moment, only allowing their most favourite possessions that are already pink, in their new room! They haven’t let me buy anything pink and I had strict instructions that their bedroom walls were not to have any pink on them at all!

The girls are having our wardrobe and set of drawers as we have a built in wardrobe in our room so I’m now thinking it might be better to buy new white bedside tables for us and give the girls the ones we’re using at the moment because they match the wardrobe and doors.

I think I’ve settled on this one 🙂

Disclosure: The post is brought to you in collaboration with The Range.

Time to get organised

New Year always brings with it a deep seated need in me to rearrange and reorganise the house.
I know Ant will now have a sinking feeling in his stomach after reading that because he dreads those words but it has to be done I’m afraid!
I’ve ordered Aiden a new wardrobe and I’ve also ordered two DVD shelf units from Very to accommodate our growing DVD collection. The bookcases we are using at the moment are most likely going to go into Aiden’s room as the white bookcase he has in there is broken. As you can see, the new DVDs the kids had for Christmas are piled on top of the shelves because we’ve run out of room.

I’m sending Aiden’s canvas Spongebob wardrobe to my sister’s for one of her boys. It was fine when Aiden was younger and all his clothes were small but now he’s getting bigger, it’s useless. His clothes won’t all fit in the hanging shelves and it’s been used as a place to store all his board games for the last couple of years. His clothes have been on the bottom two shelves of his bookcase, which isn’t a very good place for them either so I decided I’d had enough and he was having a proper wardrobe.
I want to give his room a new coat of paint to freshen it up and I’m looking at getting him a throw for his bed because he just can’t seem to keep duvet covers on the duvet! He asked if it could be painted because he said he’s too old for Spongebob now!

The girls are going to have new bunk beds and a wardrobe each and I also want to repaint their room. It’s been about 3 years since we last decorated it and it’s looking a bit grubby now. They currently each have their clothes in a 3 tier toy storage unit that we bought from Argos but they’re getting a bit small now.
I’m going to use these for their toys, along with the other unit they have that’s similar and hopefully that will provide enough toy storage for everything they got for Christmas.
I’m not doing a themed room when I decorate this time because it costs a fortune. We’re just having pink walls and maybe some butterfly stickers or something.
I’m going to get new tab top curtains and a curtain pole because I’m sick of the curtain hooks coming off and them looking messy all the time. I’ve also decided to get them pink canvas furniture for their room. They’ll love it more than a wooden wardrobe and as it’s cheaper I’ll be able to afford other units so they’ll have more storage.
I’ve just seen a half price offer in Argos for a pink canvas wardrobe set but obviously it’s out of stock everywhere! I hope it comes back in stock before the offer finishes but knowing my luck it won’t!
So the plan of action for today is to dismantle Aiden’s Spongebob wardrobe, empty his bookcase and sort all his stuff out.
I’m also going to take the princess tent down in the girl’s room and sort their clothes out. I need to get the toys put away so I might put the girl’s clothes in our room until we get the new furniture.
Granddad’s taking me to B&M so I can price up the curtains, pole and paint for each room and hopefully I’ll find out from Very when the new DVD shelves are going to be delivered. They arrived at the Lincoln depot on the 31st Dec so hopefully I won’t have to wait too much longer.
I’m eager to get started so I’m off to have breakfast and a coffee (Yummmmm Tassimo coffee!!), get the kids off to school and Ant off to work so I can get cracking 🙂