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Autumn Decor Loves – Blogtober 2022

I’m not one of those people who change their decor with the seasons but if I did, I’d probably get it all from B&M or Home Bargains! They’re my favourite shops 🙂

Here are some of my favourite autumn decor items for today’s Blogtober prompt.

Autumn Decor from B&M

hedgehog ornament from B&M - Autumn decor
Hedgehog ornament
White vase with berries
Bleached flowers in amber vase
Autumn hoop
Wood effect candle holder
Woodland bear candle holder
Woodland rabbit candle stick
Stag ornament

Going Away For A Long Weekend This Autumn? Don’t Forget These Essentials!

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay
This is a collaborative post

There are some people out there who live for the summer. They are all about the blazing heat and the scorching sunshine. The rest of us know that there is something very special about Autumn. The leaves are changing colour, there’s a lovely crisp chill in the air, and it’s the perfect time of year to take a long weekend away somewhere. Now, if this is the first chance you’ve had to take a break for a while, you may need to restock some of those travel essentials. Here are some of the items that everyone needs in their travel bag.

Phone Charger

There is not much to say about this one, but let’s face it: how many times have you left home and realised that your phone charger is still plugged into the wall socket? Save yourself time, money, and stress by picking up a spare one to take with you.

Facemasks And Hand Sanitiser

As much as we would like to be living in a post-pandemic world by now, and even though things are looking brighter for the spring, the fact remains that the virus is still out there, and we all need to be taking steps to look after ourselves and our families. Make sure that you take plenty of face masks with you and remember to use hand sanitiser where you need to.

Vaping Essentials

If you or your partner vape, then you know how frustrating it can be to run out of supplies at the wrong time. You don’t want to be running around looking for a shop that sells vape liquid or replacement coils when you are on your holiday. Make sure that you stock up before you go, and think about picking up some nice soothing CBD vape juice. A lot of people out there are discovering how CBD oil can help to soothe aches and pains and relieve stress, so if you’d like to browse what options there are available, click here. Handpicked CBD has an amazing range of CBD products as well as information to help you learn more.

A Great Book

We have all spent so much time staring at our screens over the course of the pandemic. Working from home certainly hasn’t helped, as we haven’t even had the commute to break up the transition from the phone screen to the computer screen to the TV screen. A holiday is a perfect excuse to take a break from the glow of our screens, so why not think about picking up a book that you have been meaning to get into for a while?

Clothes For All Weather

As this last summer in the UK showed, there really is no predicting what kind of weather you are going to be in for on any given day. It could be sunny in the morning and then you could be facing a torrential downpour by lunchtime. If you are going for a long weekend away in the UK, then make sure that you have all your bases covered. Take your sunglasses but don’t forget that raincoat, and a big jumper is always a good idea!

Autumn Crafts Older Kids

Autumn Crafts

Kaycee and Ella love to spend time crafting so with the nights drawing in I thought they’d like some ideas of things to make for autumn.

Ella especially likes candles so with this in mind, I found a couple of crafts using candles. Last year she made some Halloween luminary jars and gave them to her sister, Kellyann. This year I want her to make some for me but I don’t want Halloween ones!
I love these autumn leaves luminary jars from Create Craft Love and I know Ella will enjoy making them 🙂

Autumn leaf luminary jar - Autumn crafts
This image is a screenshot from Create Craft Love and belongs to the owner of the site.

There isn’t a tutorial for this one because it’s really not needed! The photo is from the Instagram account of a very talented lady who makes art from natural resources.

We did rock painting in the summer holidays and we all enjoyed it very much so I know this craft would be great for us all t have a go at 🙂

rock family candle holder
Photo Source

Glittery Autumn leaves hanging from the fireplace would be a great way to get us ready for all the glitz and glam of Christmas decorations!

glittery Autumn leaves
Screenshot from House Of Jade Interiors

Kaycee’s and Ella’s Nanny loves feeding the birds so I thought they could make her some homemade bird feeders. It’ll be a nice surprise for her and the birds will be well fed now the weather is on the turn.

homemade bird feeders
Screenshot and tutorial from Growing Family

There are more Autumn Crafts on my Pinterest account

Autumn Tree. Part Two

Autumn Tree. Part Two

Click Here if you missed part one – Foot and hand print leaves.

I drew the outline of the tree in pencil then taped it to the floor and let the girls loose with the paint 🙂


While the paint was drying the girls cut out the ‘leaves’. Ella didn’t quite get the fact that you need to cut round the shapes to make the leaves….she cut straight lines round her hand prints because it was ‘easier and she’s four now so she can do it like that if she wants to’!


When the paint had dried, they glued the leaves on then started drawing bugs, birds and lots of other things that I’m not quite sure what they are and attached those to the tree as well.
Ella even cut out some pink writing and glued it to the tree because it was pink and she wanted too!
KayCee was trying to keep it real and make it look lifelike, I think, so she protested a little when Ella wanted to stick the pink writing on but we talked her round.

We hung it on the door and took pictures of their handy work 🙂

You can’t see the bugs and birds properly because the girls drew them but didn’t colour them in.
It looks better when you colour them in and cut round the shapes but they girls had free reign with this project and enjoyed every minute of it so this is how it’s staying!
We had a great time making our tree and we’re planning on replacing this one with a Christmas tree and making the decorations in December 🙂

Autumn Tree. Part One

The nights are drawing in, the girls can’t play outside for as long after school and the, ‘I’m bored’ whinging has begun.

It’s time to organise some indoor play so this is our first installment. We’re going to paint a huge picture of a tree and make various things to attach to it, like leaves and birds.
Last night, in between making the yummy Millionaire’s Shortbread we did hand and foot printing.

Yes it’s messy and yes it takes ages to clear up and yes, I really dislike clearing up after a painting session but these girls love anything to do with paint so I just got on with it and enjoyed spending the time together.

We used different shades of oranges, yellows and browns because we’re going to turn our foot and handprints into autumn leaves which we’ll attach to the tree.

I did this activity with Aiden when he was about Ella’s age and he was really proud of his tree.
It’s going to be very big so we’re using a door to display it as we don’t have any wall space big enough.
We have a big roll of paper that Ant got from somewhere ages ago but you could always buy an end of the line roll of wallpaper from your local DIY shop.
Our local B&M sell the rolls of wallpaper and borders for about 50p/£1 when they come to the end of the line.

I’ll get the girls to cut out their prints tomorrow when they get home from school. That’ll keep them quiet while I do dinner then we’ll hang the paper and paint our tree.

Check back for our next installment on Saturday 🙂

Flashback Friday

I read a post about Autumn earlier this week and I started getting excited about its arrival and also that of Christmas 🙂 I love autumn and winter. I don’t like being cold but I do love wearing my fur-lined boot slippers and big snuggly cardigan.
When they come out of storage, I start to feel Christmasey! It won’t be long now, my feet are a little chilly and I may just have to get the throw from the back of the chair to cover them up for a bit.
I came across this photo while looking for something else and thought it would be the perfect photo for my Flashback Friday post.

This was taken in January this year so not too far back but I remember going into the garden and seeing this stunning view. I just had to go back and get my camera. Looking at this photo, I can feel the freezing cold air on my face, feel the pain as it took my breath away if I tried to breathe in too deeply.
I wrapped my cardi tighter round my body and just stood for a moment, taking it all in.
We’d had quite heavy snow in December and I got great pictures but even the beauty of the snow (which just happens to be my favourite weather ever!) didn’t compare to the way the trees looked on that day.

I can’t wait for winter/snow/Christmas and I’m starting to get a little excited thinking about it!
Let’s hope (although I know my husband and Father in law won’t agree….mind you, they do have to drive in it while I don’t!) we have lots of snow this Christmas and more opportunities to take photos like these 🙂
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