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Homemade Father’s Day Gifts

It’s Father’s Day here in the UK on Sunday, June 17th. Ant prefers homemade Father’s Day gifts so I’ve picked out a few ideas from Pinterest that the children can make for him.
If you’d like more ideas, I have lots of pins on my Dad Gifts Pinterest board.

Father’s Day Card

First up we have a fun Father’s Day card. It’s from

KayCee and Ella love making their own cards and there are loads of ideas on Pinterest.

homemade Father's Day gifts - Dad, You're the Coolest card

Check out HomeSchoolPreSchool’s Pinterest boards.

Nuts About You, Dad

Ant loves all kinds of nuts so this would be a great gift for him. If you can’t find a big tub of nuts like this one, you could buy a cheap Kilner jar and fill it with his favourite nuts.
The tutorial and a link to the printable label can be found on Don’t Waste The Crumbs

homemade Father's Day gifts - We're Nuts About You, Dad

Here’s Don’t Waste The Crumbs Pinterest profile

Lolly Stick Pen Holder

We have different coloured lolly sticks that we got from The Works so we wouldn’t need to paint them. It’s quicker but less fun for the children!
Ella would love making this because she likes being able to use the hot glue gun!

Lolly stick pen holder

You can find the tutorial for this craft on Mama Of Many Blessings.

My Dad Rocks – Paperweight

KayCee and Ella love rock painting. This is an easy one for little ones to do.

We did loads of rock painting last summer. We planned on putting them around the garden. Unfortunately, we never got around to coating them with varnish so they’re still in a box somewhere.
I really must get that sorted because they’re too nice to be hidden away in a box!

homemade Father's Day gifts - My Dad Rocks paperweight

Visit Our Family World for the tutorial

We Love You To Pieces

Finally, we have a cute little bottle filled with Reece’s Pieces. Mind you, if the children made for this Ant, I don’t think he’d see many of them…..Reece’s Pieces are my favourite!

homemade Father's Day gifts - Reece's pieces in a bottle - We love you to pieces

You’ll find the printable labels at Nothing But Country

I hope you have fun making a gift with your children, however, if you just don’t have time to make a gift this year, I’ve seen some great gifts at places like Argos and B&M.
Before buying from Argos I always check online for promotions and discount codes. Usually, you can save up to 25% or £50 off.

Emoji Golf Balls

These very colourful and fun Emoji golf balls! are only £9.99

Emoji golf balls Argos

Nikon D3400 Camera

For something a little more extravagant, you can currently* get £50 off a Nikon camera using the following code:


Nikon DSLR


I have a Nikon Coolpix camera at the moment. I would LOVE this camera and it’s going on my ‘when we win the lottery wishlist’!


Whether you get homemade Father’s Day gifts or something picked especially for you from the shops by your precious little people, I hope all the fathers out there have a wonderful day 🙂

For more Father’s Day ideas, check out a post by Me, Him, The Dog & A Baby

* Correct at time of publication

This is a collaborative post


Lego Friends from Argos – Review

It’s nearly Christmas so excitement is in abundance at the moment in our house, so much so I didn’t think it possible for the level to rise any higher; however, when this Lego Friends set arrived from Argos for the girls to review, the level nearly went through the roof!


I told the girls to sit at the kitchen table and I’d be in shortly to help them. They must have misheard because when I went in they were sitting on the kitchen table and this became their preferred place to sit while building this lovely doll house 🙂

All the pieces to make the entire house were split into 7 bags and the aim is to work your way, in order, through the bags.

The age range is from 6-12 and whilst Ella (6) could follow the instructions, she couldn’t maintain her concentration for very long (she’s very active and likes to be on the move a lot!) so Kaycee (8) who just loves this methodical way of working, ended up making the majority of it on her own and Ella took interest again when it was all done and she could get down to the business of playing!


It took Kaycee a couple of evenings, with a little help from me at times, to complete it and when it was done she loved it 🙂
She didn’t want Ella to play with it though because she didn’t want it breaking so we had to have a little talk about sharing and the beauty of Lego which is it can be easily put back together!

They now want the other sets from the Lego friends collection!

Argos have a large selection of all things Lego available to buy here

Disclaimer: We were sent the Lego friends kit to review but all opinions are my own and are honest.


Argos ColourMatch Toasted Sandwich Maker

We had a toasted sandwich maker lurking at the back of the cupboard for years. No one ever bothered with it until a couple of months ago when Kaycee was looking for sprinkles to put on her cake and saw the toastie machine or magic sandwich maker as daddy calls it!

Since then it’s been used on an almost daily basis and when it stopped working a few weeks ago it was awful! Everyone, especially me, had been so used to having a toasted sandwich for lunch that it felt weird to have a regular sandwich!

We were all very pleased when a lovely new apple green toasted sandwich maker from the ColourMatch range arrived from Argos 🙂
Not only does it look great, it cooks so much faster than our old one!


The kids have been having toasted sandwiches for breakfast with some their favourite fillings being cheese and beans or banana and chocolate spread.
My favourite filling has got to be cheese, ham and salsa 🙂

What’s your favourite filling?

Argos and Breville are not in my good books today.

Today has not been a good day and we’re only half way through it.

I woke up with extreme back pain and took ages to get downstairs. Ant put a pillow behind my back for me and helped me get comfortable then went and made coffee. I took painkillers and tried to relax for a while.

We were expecting a Tesco delivery between 10-11am and it arrived just after 10. I must say I do like Tesco texting me to tell me the hour my delivery is due 🙂 Anyway, back to the point, Ant unloaded the groceries and I went in to put them away. Movement is good bad backs so I knew if I was careful it would help ease the pain.

Meanwhile, Ant had started to make bread and was using our new Breville SHM2 twin hand and stand mixer. It’s the first time we’ve used it since we finished the kitchen and he wanted to try out the bread hooks.
He used to make bread all the time but found the kneading hard work so he was quite excited when I bought the new mixer.

When he first switched it on, there was a smell coming from it and I asked Ant if it was just because it was new. I’d smelt the same kind of smell from the blender we bought from Sainsbury’s a few weeks back and that was still working fine so I wasn’t worried. It wasn’t a burning smell, it’s hard to explain but I figured it would eventually go away.
I carried on putting groceries away and Ant was busy with his dough and a computer he’s fixing.

The smell got stronger and turned into a burning smell. As I turned and asked Ant what the smell was, he cried out and dropped to the floor. He’d touched the dough to check if it was still sticky and he’d gotten an electric shock through the dough. The electric tripped, thankfully, because if it hadn’t, Ant could have been more seriously injured.

I was nearly crying because all I could think was that the shock was going to trigger a heart attack. Ant assured me he was ok and I got myself under control.

I’ve emailed who are collecting the mixer next week and I’ve emailed Breville but I suppose I’ll have to wait till after the weekend to get a reply from them.

All this came on top of an already bad mood that I was in which started when I tried to put the potatoes away in the vegetable basket on my new Argos kitchen trolley.
They kept falling out of the sides because unlike the picture on the Argos site,


the baskets that came with my trolley don’t have the wire round the sides. It’s fine for large things like cabbage and cauliflower but carrots and potatoes won’t stay in the basket.

I’ve had to use other baskets on the shelves to put the potatoes in and left the carrots in the bag but ripped the top open so the moisture could be let out.

I had a bit of a rant to Ant about it which led to us discussing other things that were wrong with the trolley.
The knife block doesn’t fit knives in properly because the top of the trolley overhangs it.
Here’s the picture on the Argos website – minimal overhang…


and here’s mine

The knives don’t fit properly in the slots nearest the overhang

and to top it off, the handle came undone when I tried to wheel the trolley out of the way.

Also, the castors don’t turn very well and tend to drag along the floor when you try to wheel it round the kitchen, leaving black scuff  marks on our new lino. To say I’m unhappy with this trolley is an understatement and I’m seriously considering dismantling it and returning it to Argos.

I loved it when I first got it last week but that was before I tried using it!

So all in all, the day hasn’t been the best and I’m feeling a bit emotionally drained if I’m honest.

*For an update on the Breville mixer, click here.

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