Aldi Christmas Advert 2019 #KevinTheCarrot

I love the Leafy Blinders in the Aldi Christmas advert 2019. Russel is the leader of this gang of Brussel sprouts and they’re not happy that Kevin has stolen the limelight from them at Christmas!

Aldi Christmas advert 2019 - Kevin the carrot tied up by the leafy blinders

My favourite character from this year’s advert has to be Tiny Tom, he’s so cute when he makes the noises as he’s chomping through the ropes that are holding Kevin.

With references to the Peaky Blinders and The Greatest Showman, they’ve done it again, I love it. Well done, Aldi!

Kevin The Carrot 2016
Kevin The Carrot 2017
Kevin The Carrot 2018