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Advent Calendars Guide 2018

We have more than our fair share of ways to countdown to Christmas. We have the activity advent calendar, the Christmas storybook advent, the wooden drawers filled with mini tree decorations and each child has a chocolate advent calendar.
In the past, I’ve had a Yankee candle advent calendar and a Christmas charm bracelet calendar and I loved them both.
I’m after something a bit different this year so I started looking early (at the end of August to be honest!) and found some ideas. So here’s my advent calendars guide 2018.

Advent Calendars Guide 2018

When I was younger we had a picture advent calendar to share between four of us. We all looked forward to seeing what picture we would open on our day so the first calendar I’m sharing is one that helps the Marie Curie charity.

Marie Curie Christmas Tree Advent Calendar - advent calendars guide 2018

100% of profits from every product goes towards providing high-quality care to people with terminal illnesses in their own homes.

Yankee Candle

The Yankee calendar I had a couple of years ago was carousel themed and came with a mixture of tealights and votives.

This wreath shaped calendar comes with 24 tealights and a glass tealight holder

Yankee Candle Wreath shaped advent calendar

Terry’s Chocolate Orange & Ferrero Rocher Wooden Advent

In our house, we have to have a Terry’s Chocolate Orange on the treat trolley! Ferrero Rocher chocolates are also a Christmas must-have which is why these wooden advent calendars would be perfect for us!

You have to buy the chocolates yourself but I think they’re great value. They can be used year after year.

Wooden Terry's Chocolate Orange and Ferrero Rocher advent calendar

Baylis & Harding Beauticology Advent Calendar

I’m always pleased when I receive a Baylis & Harding gift set at Christmas so you can imagine my delight when I found this advent calendar available online.

Baylis & Harding beauticology advent calendar

That’s all for now but I’ll be back if I find more exciting advent calendars 🙂

Advent Calendars – Huge Choice Nowadays!

I can’t believe how much Advent Calendars have changed in recent years. The range of different calendars you can buy nowadays is huge. They’re not just for children anymore, either, like they were when I was young.


Cardboard Advent Calendars

I have 2 brothers and a sister. The first Advent Calendar I can remember us having was a cardboard one with a glittery Christmas picture and little doors that opened to reveal a picture of a robin or a bell or a Christmas tree!

Traditional Advent Calendar
Traditional Advent Calendar

We didn’t have one each, either, we had to take it in turns to open the doors. I’d open the first one because I was the eldest; it was then an agonizing wait until my turn came around again! On the 24th, there were double doors and we always got a bit jealous of the person whose turn fell on Christmas Eve!

I remember when we got our first chocolate Advent Calendar. We were all so excited and to this day I love the taste of that cheap, cardboardy flavoured Advent chocolate 🙂

Jewellery, Makeup, Candles, Even Beer!

We are now bombarded with every sort of Advent Calendar you can think of. Beauty ones seem very popular at the moment. I can’t think of anything more boring than getting some makeup everyday!
Last year I had a Yankee Candle one and this year I’m thinking of getting a Christmas charm bracelet calendar from Amazon.

charm bracelet advent calendars
I’ve been tempted to buy Ant a wine calendar but I’ve not seen one with just red wine; he’s not a fan of white and rose.

There’s a guide to this year’s luxury calendars on Harper’s Bazaar. I can’t imagine paying some of the prices on that list for an Advent Calendar!

I think this Whiskey advent calendar has to be the most expensive one I’ve ever seen!

Whiskey Advent Calendars
Master Of Malt

Different Ways To Countdown

There are not only advent calendars to countdown to Christmas. I’ve seen loads of other ways on Pinterest and we have 2 different countdowns ourselves. We have an activity advent and a book advent.
The children always have a chocolate calendar and a couple of years ago we added a wooden drawer advent calendar for which I made miniature felt tree decorations and bought the girls a mini Christmas tree to put them on!

I’ve already bought the chocolate advent calendars for the children this year and I can’t wait to show them what I’ve bought!

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