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Easy cinnamon rolls

Our advent activity yesterday was to make cinnamon rolls using a packet of puff pastry. I was going out with some lovely ladies and a gentleman from my Slimming World group and needed a quick activity.

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Make a Christingle

They have a certain smell, don’t they? No matter which church or chapel you go into, the smell is the same. I’m not a churchgoer these days but whenever I get a whiff of that smell, I’m transported back to Sunday School and the Christingle service I’d go to every year with my friends, Claire and Rachel.

I’m not sure if we have any Christingle services here in Lincoln so I thought it would be nice for the girls to make one of their own.

Make A Christingle

You will need:

An orange
A candle (or a glow stick if you’re worried about safety)
4 cocktail sticks
Some small sweets like dolly mixtures and dried fruit
Red crepe paper or ribbon
Small square of Kitchen foil
Sticky tape or hot glue


  • Using a sharp knife, make a cross in the top of the orange
  • Wrap the red paper/ribbon around the orange and secure with sticky tape or hot glue.
  • Put the kitchen foil over the cross on the top of the orange and push the candle/glow stick down into the cross.
  • Put 3-4 sweets/dried fruit onto each cocktail stick and stick them into the orange

About Christingle

The orange represents the world.
The red ribbon represents the blood and love of Christ
The sweets and fruits are thought to be symbols of God’s creations and/or the four seasons.

The candle is Jesus, the light of the world, who brings hope to people living in darkness.

Ella making a Christingle


KayCee making a Christingle


Ella making a Christingle


KayCee sticking cocktail sticks into her orange for the sweets to go on


KayCee putting the sweets on her Christingle


Ella making a Christingle


Ella eating the sweets that are for the Christingle!


Ella lighting her Christingle


Ella's Christingle all lit


KayCee's Christingle candle lit


Ready for Advent :) New wooden advent calendar

Ready for advent

We’ve got an extra wooden advent calendar this year and I really must not buy anymore!

They’ve got the usual chocolate one each

Advent calendars with chocolate

the activity one

Activity advent santa

the storybook advent

Gift wrapped story books

Wooden advent

and the new wooden drawer advent that I got from Home Sense. To be fair, it really is Ant’s fault we’ve got it because he encouraged me to buy it!

I have no idea what I’m going to put in it, though. The drawers are tiny.

Wooden advent with drawers

We’re not having anymore no matter how lovely they are (and we saw some realllly nice ones at Pennell’s garden centre yesterday!)

Christmas Activity Advent 2015

Snowman snowing gif Christmas activity advent 2015

Christmas activity advent 2015 – We’ve done a Christmas activity advent since 2011 and the girls look forward to it every year now. Aiden’s not so keen this year, but that’s only to be expected as he is 15!
Ella was a bit disappointed when he said he didn’t want to take part so he’s agreed to do a few 🙂

I have to admit, I do enjoy finding new activities to do each year.

Last year I put each activity in a little envelope, but Ella’s asked if I can do them as little scrolls again like I did the first year.

So, here is our Christmas activity advent 2015 🙂


  • Tuesday, December 1st – Make a Christingle
  • Wednesday, December 2nd – Make cinnamon swirls for dessert
  • Thursday, December 3rd – Sing Christmas carols at bedtime
  • Friday, December 4th – Crafting using the stuff in the wicker basket
  • Saturday, December 5th – Put the decorations up 🙂
  • Sunday, December 6th – Wrap presents
  • Monday, December 7th – Write a Christmas poem
  • Tuesday, December 8th – Make Nanny’s Christmas cookies
  • Wednesday, December 9th – Write the Christmas cards
  • Thursday, December 10th – Have dinner by candlelight
  • Friday, December 11th – Write a Christmas wish and hang it on the tree
  • Saturday, December 12th – Make paper lanterns
  • Sunday, December 13th – Go to Nanny’s party!
  • Monday, December 14th – Make placemats and decorations for Granddad’s special dinner on the 17th
  • Tuesday, December 15th – Write a letter to Father Christmas
  • Wednesday, December 16th – Make jelly baby Jesus cakes
  • Thursday, December 17th – Make a special dinner for Granddad
  • Friday, December 18th – North pole breakfast
  • Saturday, December 19th – Pyjama day and watch Christmas movies
  • Sunday, December 20th – Have a picnic by the Christmas tree
  • Monday, December 21st – Make cinnamon ornaments
  • Tuesday, December 22nd – Record your alternative Jingle Bell songs
  • Wednesday, December 23rd – Make ice cream sundaes
  • Thursday, December 24th – Throw a party

Advent Activity – Christmas pomanders

Our advent activity yesterday was to make Christmas pomanders. In my head I envisioned a nice half an hour spent with Kaycee and Ella, breathing in the lovely aromas and getting all Christmassy.

Christmas pomanders - oranges, cloves and Christmas ribbon

What I got was a half hour of Ella complaining the cloves smell was giving her a headache, Kaycee asking if it would be ok if we didn’t have this particular activity in the calendar next year and a sore/sticky thumb from trying to force pointy cloves into the thick orange skin!

Never Again!

I’m quite happy to grant Kaycee’s request and never do this activity again!! 😀

Ella making her Christmas pomander


KayCee with her Christmas pomander


the finished Christmas pomanders


Advent activity – Christmas photos

Our advent activity yesterday was to take fun Christmas photos of each other 🙂



For the following photos we used Instagram Xmas Booth. I think The Grinch was everyone’s favourite!






Advent Activities – Chocolate Sleighs

I found them on Pinterest and loved them straight away! The original pin came from Ellyn’s Place but seeing as she’s in America, I knew I’d have trouble getting the same chocolates that she used. I also knew the girls would love to make them for their friends at school and that we could make some for the cousins so I found some chocolates that were readily available in the UK 🙂

To make 1 sleigh you will need:
2 candy canes
A four fingered Kitkat
2 Kinder bars
2 Freddo bars
Sticky tape
Wide ribbon
Ribbon you can curl
A gift tag


We got all the items we needed from our local B&M and we made 23 sleighs. The total cost of each sleigh was around £1.70.
To make each sleigh:
1) Fold over the flaps on the Kitkat and stick them down.
2) Stick 2 candy canes to the underside of the Kitkat.
3) Stick 2 Kinder bars on top of the Kitkat.
4) Stick 2 Freddo bars on top of the Kinder bars.
5) Cut 2 pieces of wide ribbon and wrap them round the sleigh so they cross over ans secure them underneath with sticky tape.
6) Cut a long piece of curling ribbon and wrap it round the sleigh, cross it underneath, bring it back to the top and tie it so that it’s quite tight.
7) Curl the ends and add a gift tag. You can also add a bow to the top but ours kept falling off so we gave up! If the sticky pad on the bow doesn’t work, you could always glue them on.



Advent activities – Making edible gifts and free printable

As you may know, we’re having a frugal Christmas this year so the girls have been making edible gifts for friends and family.
I bought some of these mugs in the sales last January. They were 2 for a pound I think. I only bought 4 because I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them so when we’d decided what gifts to give, we needed another 7. They cost £1 each now so I could have saved myself some money if I’d have planned ahead!

edible gifts
We’re giving all the cousins a mug, a Maltesers hot chocolate drink……


edible gifts
A bottle of melted snowman! I got the bottled water from B&M for 25p a bottle and I made the labels myself in Paint Shop Pro and printed them out.


edible gifts
some marshmallows and a few silver chocolate coins.


edible gifts

I bought the bags from Pretty Packaging on Ebay. They were £2.25 for 20 plus 99p P&P.

The gift tags were made from last year’s Christmas cards and I bought the ribbon on sale in January. I can’t remember exactly what it costs but I know it was less than half what you’d pay for it at this time of year.
I always try to stock up at B&M in January because they have great bargains 🙂

The cost of each gift is approximately £1.70.

We’ve also made the cousins a chocolate sleigh  🙂

Please feel free to right-click and save the picture if you’d like the ‘Melted Snowman’ labels to print.

melted snowman label edible gifts

Christmas colouring with the kids :)

Our first activity was to draw a Christmas picture but while Kaycee and I were out Christmas shopping on Saturday we found some printed pictures that we loved so we bought them, along with loads of glue and glitter!

We had to wait for Aiden and Ella to get back from Aiden’s dad’s before we could do them but it was worth the wait! We put Christmas music on, gathered round the table (have I said how much I still love the huge table our neighbour gave us last year? No? Well, I really do!!) and got colouring 🙂

We had 4 pictures of two designs and Ella picked hers first. She picked the scene with the children opening Christmas presents, as did Kaycee. That left me and Aiden with the snowman and Santa pictures.

Aiden’s picture

After I’d coloured the trees and the snowman’s hat, Ella said she wished she’d picked the snowman instead of the children so I offered to swap.
She snapped me on the offer and gave me a huge smile and a heartfelt thank you which made me happy 😀

We tried not to rush the colouring but we were all eager to get the glue and glitter out!

It was a school night and they should have all been in bed way before they eventually went but we were having such a great time I figured it wouldn’t hurt for one night.

We’ve now got to find a place to proudly show off our handiwork!


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