Everything You Need to Know for Your First Campervan Trip

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Campervan trips are surely some of the most adventurous moments to live. Camping has become more accessible with the help of the rise in campervans, primarily in the UK. These easy-to-drive vehicles have made it much easier to explore the world with a home-like feeling. You get to put your appliances, decors, and whatnot when planning to go on a campervan trip. For family time, going on a campervan trip is the best thing you could plan. You feel more connected with each other, and the adversities of your journey bring all the members closer, even if you are with friends or family. However, going on a first campervan trip can turn out to be bumpy if you are not equipped with the right guidelines. Here are a few things to know before hitting the road first time on your campervan;

Campervan in a carpark beside a lake
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Get the most suitable campervan

You can’t just take any campervan on the trip, right? You need to consider a few factors before selecting the campervan. There’s a variety in the market when it comes to campervans. However, you need to consider the size of your family or the number of friends who are willing to jump on with you. Getting a suitable sized van is important for sure. Some vans are designed for shorter trips and some are made to go beyond distanced borders. Plus, taking a new or old campervan can also become a debate on this whole topic.

campervan on a road with mountains in front
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You can check for used campervans for sale online and buy the one that suits you most or even try the astonishing Hymer motorhomes that are known for their amazing build quality. The first thing to keep in mind is to never underestimate the significance of choosing the right motorhome.

Manage finances properly

After selecting the right van to travel, expenses come next. What to pack, what to add, and where to go, most importantly. Once you have put aside money for basic needs of the trip such as petrol, maintenance, and emergencies, be sure to save enough money to spend on different activities such as sightseeing, shopping, eating out, amusement parks, and whatnot. You never know what exciting thing might come your way. You should separate some amount of cash for fun activities.

blue Volkswagon campervan
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If you don’t plan this way, you won’t be able to cherish your trip properly. Nobody would love just sitting in the campervan all day, going out and experiencing new things will be part of the journey. However, some family games and gossip can make the time in the campervan more memorable without any doubt. Plan in a way that your trip becomes enjoyable and relaxing. 

Expect the unexpected

There’s no denying the fact that there are a lot of things that come your way when you are on an adventurous trip. There’s always that person who forgets something at home, and who forgets to get the job done, and whatnot. However, you need to stay calm. From traffic jams to an emergency, get yourself equipped with things that can help you out. Firstly, don’t forget to get a first aid kit in the van and leisure batteries too. Moreover, if you’re stuck in traffic or in troubling weather conditions, make sure you have board games to play.

blue campervan on a road
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Try putting the list of emergency numbers somewhere prominent in the van so that every passenger can refer to it whenever there’s a need. Plus, you need to enjoy the little things coming your way, tiny villages, bumpy roads, rainy weather, and places with fewer people, all of these things will leave a memorable mark on your journey.

Meals and Music

Planning your meals can be troubling sometimes as there would be different opinions on board, and catering for all of them at a time wouldn’t be easy at all. It’s fun to eat out at different restaurants and try new food, but keep in mind that some areas might offer you food of a very different type. In this case, you should always have something to cook for yourselves, cooking in a campervan is also full of fun. Put some ingredients in the refrigerator and use them whenever you want. For music, try getting the speakers of your van checked and tuned. Create different playlists for different kinds of paths that you may come across in your journey.

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