More Christmas 2021 Photos

I’m very late in doing my Christmas posts this year because of one thing and another. I like to get them done so we can easily look back at them, otherwise, they’d end up in a folder on the server and forgotten about!

These are a few random photos from Christmas and New Year 2022.

I was informed by Ella that no, she definitely was not too old for North Pole Breakfast this year and also, she would never be too old for it!

I enjoyed my usual tradition of looking through the tv guide and circling everything I wanted to watch.

I watched It’s A Wonderful Life while wrapping Christmas presents; another of my favourite traditions!

I also made sure I watched One Magic Christmas. I think I’ve watched this movie every year since the early 90s. I love it.

We didn’t get the chance to watch Elf this year or play a board game. It’s getting harder to get everyone in the house at the same time what with school, work and college.

New Year

New year’s eve was a quiet one. Aiden was working, KayCee and Ella went to parties with friends while Ant and I settled down to watch tv!
We’ve never been new year’s eve party people so watching tv with a glass of Baileys was totally fine with us!

Ant cooked a roast beef dinner on New Year’s Day for us all except KayCee. She was still at a friend’s house. We missed her but it was nice to see Jerome again. We don’t get to see him much because he works a lot.