My Dream Home If Money Were No Object

house with porch - my dream home
Image by Gretta Blankenship from Pixabay
This is a collaborative post

My absolute dream home would be a newly built, American style house with a wrap-around porch. The garden would end at a large lake and there’d be a boat for Ant to sail in!

However, this post is about changing the house I’m in and I have to say, I think I’d much rather make the changes and stay here than have to move somewhere new.
I often think about what I’d love to do to this house if we won the lottery (not very likely since we don’t even play but it’s nice to dream!) and the list for my dream home isn’t small!

New Bathrooms

I’ve written lots of times about our bathrooms. They’re old. Like, very old and they look it.
The shower room has a pink toilet, pink shower tray and a pink sink with pink tiles, some of which have flowers on them.

It’s not hideous, don’t get me wrong, but it niggles at me all the time. I just want a sage green bathroom with a nice white bathroom suite and a shower with a glass door instead of a shower curtain that sticks to me every time I shower!

bathroom sink
Image by GregoryButler from Pixabay

New Windows & Doors

I don’t know how long these windows have been in but they’re in desperate need of replacing.
The window in our bedroom only has one tiny window that opens. In the Summer it gets really stuffy in there and not enough air can get in.

Ant can’t wait to get the patio doors changed. He wants doors that both open wide so it feels like the patio is an extension of the living room.

Photo by Marianne from Pexels

We have a covered patio that will soon be decked and he’s just finished making our pond bigger; it’s right next to the patio so we’ll be able to sit outside, rain or shine, and watch the wildlife as we enjoy a coffee.
I can’t wait.

The deck is going right to the edge of the pond so it will cover the pond liner.

Conservatory or Orangery

When we moved in we discussed having a conservatory and I had a look to find out the average cost. While doing so, I came across orangeries and I fell in love with them. They look nicer and they’re much better insulated so you don’t get red hot in the Summer and freezing cold in the Winter.

The cost, however, is much higher than a conservatory which would automatically make us choose the cheaper option but as this post is all about my dream home, I would have an orangery!

New Kitchen

Ant does all the cooking and the kitchen is his domain so when deciding on a new kitchen, he would be the one designing it.
He’d love to have free reign, especially with a much larger kitchen!

I think he’d like a kitchen island with a place for people to sit and eat, lots of cupboard space and good lighting.
He’d also get the ceiling redone because we had a leak and now it’s a bit of a mess!

Image by Al Lambe from Pixabay


We currently have a garage that’s split in two. Ant has the front half for all his stuff and I have the back half for my studio.
I’d love to have a proper extension there so we could make the kitchen bigger, add a utility room and a room for my studio on the ground floor and upstairs we could have 2 extra bedrooms. This would mean KayCee and Ella get their rooms and we would have a guest room.

Finally, The Garden!

You can see a little bit of the state of the garden behind the pond in the photo above. It’s a big garden and it’s going to be a massive job to just get it looking tidy again.

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

I would absolutely love to be able to afford to pay someone to landscape our garden so Ant wouldn’t have to do it all.
Having someone design a garden as they do on the gardening shows then doing all the work while we just sit and watch would be heaven!

What changes would you need to make to create your dream home?