How to recognize and address depression presenting as anger

depression presenting as anger

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Depression and anxiety are a few mental issues prevalent throughout the globe, especially in western countries. People go through silent inner battles on their own for years without asking for help. On the contrary, some people have no idea they are dealing with depression for years.

It is crucial to analyze yourself and stay aware of what is going on within your body and mind. People mostly know of depression as a feeling of endless sadness and apathy. However, some people may have a distinctive way of dealing with depression.

Sometimes, people can get agitated and angry when something in their life is not going right. The constant anger and rage eventually turn into the frustration that can mess up people’s relationships.

How do you let out anger in a healthy way?

People, especially men, have a concept in their heads that they need to stay strong all the time. However, when they feel vulnerable, they vent out their emotions like anger. The feeling of worthlessness, sadness, frustration, and helplessness can quickly turn into anger. However, it is essential to realize that people may be dealing with depression if they are frequently angry. There are many ways to deal with depression; however, self-realization is the first step towards healing.

Battling with depression is a lonely journey, and the constant feeling of loneliness is super exhausting. On the other hand, people feel weak and exposed when they open up about their mental issues with someone. However, the exposure and increase in mental health awareness are leading people to change their perspective.

What are the signs of hidden anger?

Hidden anger may not always be due to a particular scenario. When a lot of things go wrong in a person’s life, they tend to feel frustrated. While it is easy to ignore anger, it can ruin relationships and kill a person’s productive spirit. Let’s have a look at things that can help you realize your anger is depression.

Importance of Self-realization

Why do I get angry out of nowhere?

We all have been in situations where we feel mad beyond our control. Once the anger dies down, you cannot point out what made you angry. Also, the anger can turn into frustration, and eventually, the anger turns into a whole episode of crying. However, it is necessary to control our emotions rather than let our emotions control us. First, a person must make an effort to know themselves and pinpoint factors that may be leading to them feeling distraught. Let’s analyze some factors to identify if you have depression:

1.     Start journaling

It is always helpful to keep a record of your emotions. Sometimes, we have a lot on our plate that we forget the pattern of our emotions. Journaling is an easy way to record your feelings and analyze what you feel and why. Once you start maintaining a record, you can actually pinpoint if you are angry or depressed. It is necessary to connect with your inner-self and ask basic questions. It may not be easy to self-realize your emotions, but you can try—most anger management classes also emphasize mental health and self-evaluations.

2.     Meditation

Meditation is not the simplest thing to do when your emotions are all over the place. However, without effort, you cannot reach a substantial solution. When you breathe in and breathe out, you can get hold of your emotions. If meditation is not helping you relax or calm down, then the possibility of depression increases. Depression is something that can make a person feel worthless, and feeling worthless can translate into anger quickly. Hence, a person must give meditation a try to feel at peace.

3.     Socialize

Mostly, when a person is angry or feeling worthless, they are unable to socialize. However, it is essential to socialize and observe your behavior around people. You may have noticed that your parents or friends observe things about you that you do not even realize yourself. Hence, it is imperative to surround yourself with people who provide constructive feedback. It leads to self-improvement and helps to bring your life together.

How to deal with depression?

1.     Therapy

Can anxiety show up as anger? Therapists also suggest that many patients have their way of dealing with depression, and anger is one of them. Seeking therapy brings a lot of positive life changes. On the other hand, it helps people realize their self-worth and boost their confidence significantly.

2.     Natural remedies

Natural remedies such as CBD lip balm and other related products help significantly in reducing depression. CBD gummies are a new invention that people eat on a regular basis to balance out their hormones. Apart from CBD, kratom, lavender spray, and chamomile tea show outstanding results in calming anxiety and curing depression. On the other hand, it is best to give natural remedies a try before taking medications.

3.     Exercise regularly

People preach exercise as a great solution to mental issues, but they rarely practice it. It is crucial to move your body and try out some form of exercise to feel good about yourself. It releases hormones that neutralize emotions and induces a feeling of gratitude.