The Top Skylight Features to Look For

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Image by (Joenomias) Menno de Jong from Pixabay

Skylights come with a lot of benefits. The right roof windows will bring natural light to an area. Each space needs to be considered before adding roof skylights. Different rooms will want different features in a skylight.

Fixed Roof Windows

Fixed roof windows are skylights that do not open. These windows add heat and natural sunlight. These are ideal for adding light to a dark interior staircase and hallway without access to outside windows but with roof access. They may be so high up, that an opening roof window would be pointless, or should it warp whether manually opened with a pole or electrically opened, it would be impossible to close it again without a specialist. These are the lowest maintenance skylights.

Opening Roof Windows

Opening roof windows are windows that open. The opening mechanisms is likely going to be different to the windows already in your home. Some roof windows open manually. Either you can reach it and prop it open, or there’s a window-opening pole. A lot of opening roof windows these days are electric, especially for ones that are difficult to reach and open at the press of a button.


Once you’ve decided if you want a fixed or opening roof window, you’ll need to think about whether you want it tinted or clear glass. Different levels of tint are available.

A tinted window can diffuse the sunlight entering a space, keeping a room cooler in the summer and prevent or delay the bleaching effect. A tint to the roof window can save the expensive wool-blend carpeting and you’ll still be able to watch the snowfall from bed. It will impact how much sunlight floods the room. Think of a car with heavily tinted back windows. Most people won’t opt for that level of tint on their skylight, but it still lets in some sunlight. The tint also adds privacy to the room.


Blinds aren’t part of the window, but they’re something to consider if tinted glass isn’t appropriate for the space. The blinds for a roof window are going to be different than the blinds for the straight up and down windows on the front of your house. They will typically need to be fitted in front of the window and hang at the same angle as the window in slots.

Flat Roof Windows

Flat roof windows are flat. You’ll need to consider if the roof is flat in the area the window is going in. Flat roof windows can still open.

Pitched Roof Windows

These are windows that are installed in an angled roof. A lot of roofs aren’t flat and require a pitched roof window. They can give your loft conversion a glass wall so you can still watch the stars come out from your bed.

The features of your skylight are just as important as the window itself. Different spaces have different window needs. A clear glass fixed window isn’t appropriate for the bathroom but will suit the dark hallway.

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