Redecorating The Girls’ Bedroom

KayCee and Ella

KayCee and Ella had the biggest room when we moved here. It made sense because between the two of them, they had much more stuff to store than Ant and I had.

We decorated the whole house using magnolia paint when we first bought it because we just wanted it clean and fresh for when we moved in.
The plan was to choose colours and style for each room at our leisure but it hasn’t really happened yet!

Girls’ Room

The girls’ room is still magnolia, it had the same curtains, carpet and light shade until a few months ago when we changed the curtains and it’s in great need of redecorating.
We bought a lovely cream carpet for their room when we first moved in but we’re regretting it now!
Within the first year, it had slime, felt tips and nail varnish dried into it and after 6 years, it’s now horribly stained.

KayCee and Ella's bedroom with new carpet - redecorating

Cheap Carpet

We’ve told the girls’ we will buy them new carpet when we do the redecorating but it’s going to be cheap carpet this time, especially as they regularly use super glue now to attach their fake nails; I just know it’s going to be dried into the carpet sooner or later!

The problem, now though, is that they can’t decide on colours! We may have to resort to splitting the room in two so they can each choose their own wallpaper and accessories but they’re going to have to make sure their carpet choice suits both sides!

After Christmas

I did plan to do the decorating in the next few weeks but I think it’ll be better if we wait until after Christmas.
They always get lots of new stuff at Christmas and it will all need storing somewhere, so if we wait until after Christmas, we can plan the storage accordingly.

Arguments and Stress

That photo up there may give the impression of two beautiful sisters who love being together but don’t be fooled; when it comes to their bedroom, they have very different ideas, which is another reason to leave it until after Christmas – I can put off the arguments and stress for as long as possible!

This is a collaborative post