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26th March 2020

How to Attend a Wedding on a Budget

wedding on a budget
Image by Tú Anh from Pixabay

As soon as those wedding invitations start hitting your doorstep, most guests will automatically start considering the cost. After all, attending a wedding isn’t a cheap affair. Once you have forked out for your outfit, hair, nails, travel, accommodation and wedding gift, the average guest has already spent somewhere in the region of £400.

Luckily there are handy little ways to save money and yet still enjoy all the fun and festivities that come with sharing your friend’s or family’s special day.

Set Your Budget

Work out in advance how much money you must spend on the occasion. This is an important step to take before you even consider whether to accept the invitation. Consider whether this is a destination wedding, as costs can quickly rack up, and it may be that it is simply too far out of your budget. Work within your means to set an amount that you can feasibly spend and make sure you stick to it.


Getting to a wedding often involves travel costs unless you are lucky enough to receive an invitation for a wedding on your doorstep. For destination weddings you should feel comfortable declining should the cost exceed your budget. Often the bride and groom will expect a higher rate of decline and have factored this into their guest list.

Consider splitting the cost of travel with another guest. Finding a group to share a car and fuel costs can make a significant difference to your travel costs. Another way to offset the cost of travel is to take a few days off and combine the wedding with a little holiday for yourself.

Hen parties and stag dos often require travel expenses. If this is the case, you could consider skipping this part and just attending the wedding itself to bring down some of the cost.


Accommodation can be one of the most expensive parts of any wedding. This is where having a group of other guests to share with can help save you money. Check Airbnb options in the area and either get a single room or hire a whole house and split the cost with your group. It is also worth checking for specials at the hotels in the area.


Renting is a great option if you anticipate only attending one wedding this season. However, if you are anticipating several weddings, then it’s worth getting one simple but stylish dress and mixing up the accessories for each wedding. Consider borrowing a dress from a friend or family member or buying a new pair of shoes to breathe new life into an old dress.

For new purchases, shop with In the Style discount codes for great bargains on this season’s latest looks.


Make sure you buy your gift early to avoid being left with the more expensive items on the gift registry. If your budget is very tight, then consider getting creative with something like a photo book documenting the couple’s relationship so far.

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4 Reasons to Hire an Oklahoma City Fence Company

white fence - Oklahoma City fence company

When starting a project of installing fence the DIY way, one might be attracted to the idea of saving money in the process. You can know more about wood fences when you click this link here. But more often than not, the DIY approach can prove to delay the project, is more expensive, and it can consume a lot of time.

If you plan to keep the thieves out and protect your property, you may want to hire a pro. This is because they have the right tools, knowledge, and experience that will make a reliable installation. The specialists will provide you with the security that you need, and they can offer you a more extensive range of fencing services in Oklahoma that you can find helpful.

Advantages when You Hire a Pro

1. Save Money

This might be contrary to the popular belief that you can save a lot more when you do everything yourself. But hiring an expert will actually save you money. For one, you won’t have to buy the tools needed for the installation.

The contractor already knows the kind of fencing material that fits best with your property. There will be no need to redo the work yourself and start all over again in case something didn’t go right on the first try.

2. Experts Have Warranties and Insurance

Some companies in Oklahoma are bonded and insured that will give you peace of mind that the project will be completed on time. You can find these companies on sites such as apexfenceok.com. You will have a high-quality fence that and the experts tend to protect their reputation.

There are bonds, insurance, and warranties in place to protect you just in case. If you are not satisfied with the job, the contractor will be able to make the changes that you want without any extra cost.

3. Avoid Costly Mistakes

There are fence installation mistakes that you need to look out for. When you hire an expert, they can guide you on whether you should use pine or cypress according to the weather in your area. They can provide you with information about the wood species and if it’s susceptible to insect infestations.

Expert advice can also guide you so that you can install the fence inside your property and not your neighbour’s. Most of them have surveyors sent to your place before the installation to mark the boundaries of your property.

4. Increase Value

If you plan to sell your home in the future, working with a master fencing expert can bring the value of your home up. They know which is the right fence for you. You can read more about choosing the right fence here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/houzz/2014/07/26/how-to-choose-the-right-fence/#3092a8362ad7. Buyers are attracted to fences that were done by experts. This is because most contractors consider the overall appeal of the fences, and they use high-quality, durable materials.

Most people don’t want to install fences after buying a property. If they are going to buy, they will choose a real estate property that will provide them with everything that they need. This is why they will prefer buying when they know that they will spend less when it comes to aspects of the property, such as fencing.

What You Can Do when Hiring a Contractor

If you decide to hire a contractor, you can make everything easier by unlocking the gates, clearing foliage, and keeping the dogs out of his way. You can get quotes and estimates before hiring. Most estimators will be able to check for obstructions on the fencing area, evaluate lot grading, and ask a lot of questions about what you need. It is also imperative to ask a lot of questions such as, will there be a need to pull permits, or will there be a need to call a utility locator for pinpointing utility and pipelines.

Installing your fence can be one of the most significant projects that you will ever take. It can take most of the best parts of your summer, and you may need most of your friends to dig postholes or mix concrete. You can make things easier by hiring contractors that can save you time and money.

Most people know that handing off this project to a pro will save them a lot of trouble.  It is best to research a lot of companies that can provide you with a well-installed fence. Choose the one that has a stellar reputation and a good database of satisfied customers.

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