Slimming World Result Week 1

2019 wasn’t my year where Slimming World was concerned. I haven’t done very well but the fact that I’m still trying 6 years after joining is a win for me.
I’ve decided to try and do a weekly Slimming World result post and this is week 1.

I’ve bought myself a 12-week food diary from Home Bargains and I started totally back on track yesterday after getting weighed.

12-week food diary - Slimming World result

I had a huge 11lb gain but I enjoyed all the Baileys and chocolates and family meals with Christmas pudding for dessert so I’m not going to dwell on the gain.

After all the problems I’ve had with my hernia over Christmas, I want to be able to get it treated safely as soon as possible so I have to lose this weight.

Slimming World Result – Week 1

Date 3rd January 2020
Weight – 28st 5.5lb
Result +11lb
Total Weight Loss – 2st 9.5lb/37.5lb/17kg

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