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29th December 2019

2019 Health Trends

People like to focus on their health and wellbeing. People also love to jump on a bandwaggon and to ensure that they’re in with the latest trends that focus on what’s best for us to make sure that we are able to live happy and healthy lives. 

With a new year approaching, people are going to be bombarded with new and innovative health trends to see them living their best lives in the new decade. 

Let’s take a look at some of the health trends of 2019- which ones are likely to join us again in 2020? 

healthy food - health trends
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1) Intuitive Eating 

Gone are the days of restrictive behaviours when it comes to what people choose to eat. Foods are no longer labelled ‘good’ and ‘bad’- nothing is now off-limits.

This is a refreshing change for dieters all over the planet. 

‘Intuitive Eating’ is about listening to your body’s hunger signals and fulfilling cravings- stopping eating when satisfied.

For people who have followed diets for years, who are fearful of the temptation to overindulge, this may be a little triggering to follow. However, for those who have simply had enough of diet culture, this is the freedom they have been waiting for. 

2) CBD Products 

From spoonfuls of oils to wellness drinks and hair treatments, there’s no denying that the benefits of CBD oil are growing. With the backing of A list celebrities, CBD (the cannabis compound cannabidiol that does not contain the element that makes you high) is taken for a variety of reasons, such as for pain relief and helping with anxiety. 

These products are readily available in stores and online. If this is something you’re looking to explore, make sure to go to a registered dispensary to get the safest products possible.

3) Online Health and Wellbeing Coaching 

Busy people are still able to recognize the importance of taking care of themselves. Virtual training and coaching are one of the biggest trends of the age, allowing people to receive personal training and coaching from the comfort of their own homes.

 Doing this can help beginners and gym-phobics access the benefits of exercise without the daunting task of having to step into a gym for the first time. 

Online coaching goes beyond offering workout videos online- it offers bespoke coaching in anything from diet plans to lifting and even helping to navigate difficult emotional situations though online therapies. 

4) Mindfulness 

Being aware of yourself in your own mind is the foundation of a healthy body. This is not a new trend for 2019 and is something that is easy to bring into the dawn of a new decade. 

Many more people are aware of the importance of focusing on their mental health. Small, mindful habits can be a wonderful way of checking in on one’s overall wellbeing. 

Something as small as leaving your phone in another room while enjoying a meal with the family- or making time to go for a walk. There are many ways to enjoy life ‘in the moment’. 

Which of these trends do you think will make it into 2020?  

This is a collaborative post

Our Christmas Day 2019 Photos

Our Christmas Day 2019 wasn’t as enjoyable for me as it usually is.
If you know me at all, you know that I LOVE Christmas and plan for it all year.
This year was no different except that I couldn’t enjoy it as I usually do because the hernia pain that started on Christmas Eve carried on for the whole of Christmas Day.

I couldn’t move much and everyone else had to clean up the mess, set the table for dinner and clean the kitchen afterwards.
Ant cooks our delicious Christmas dinner and I always clean the kitchen after. I felt terrible having to leave it to everyone else this year.
Also, like Christmas Eve, I didn’t get to take many photos and I’m sad that I didn’t get any of KayCee passing out the presents.

A&E On Boxing Day

The pain was getting worse and I ended up sleeping on the reclining chair as I couldn’t make it upstairs.
The next morning, instead of going to Derbyshire to visit my family, I had to go to A&E. I spent all of Boxing Day in the hospital until around 7 pm when The good thing is that I was allowed to go home after the surgeon was able to put everything back in place without surgery 🙂
The bad bit was not being able to see my family and not having any photos to do my usual Boxing Day photo post.

Ella - Christmas day 2019
Aiden - Christmas day 2019
Christmas presents under the tree
We didn’t go overboard with the presents this year as KayCee and Ella had new cabin beds last week and we had to buy a new cooker the week before Christmas due to both ovens not working!
Delicious Christmas dinner cooked by the super wonderful husband
Christmas dinner
KayCee, Ella, Jervais and Jerome playing board games after dinner

Aiden’s Presents

KayCee’s Presents

Ella’s Presents

Ant’s Presents

My Presents