The Ways to Grow a Twitter Following That Really Matters

Image by Thomas Ulrich from Pixabay

Twitter is the fastest moving social media platform out of all of them. Unlike Instagram, you have an estimated 2 tenths of a second to impress someone before they scroll past you and forget about you forever. In this day and age, you are left with little to no time to grab people’s attention and get them interested enough in your content for them to follow you.

Like all other social media platforms, you want to have a good following on Twitter, the more people that follow you, the more people you are exposed to and the more your business grows, so how can you grow a Twitter following that really matters?

Of course, you can outsource your growth to a third party. But there are safety concerns that come with that. Botting is often used and that requires a proxy to stay safe.

Make A Note Of Your Goals and Values

If you are a new business, an established business or attempting to become an influencer, you want to make sure you know and keep to your goals and values. This may seem basic, but people don’t like mixed messages. If you keep to your goals and values, you are more likely going to find people who have similar views, who will also follow people with those views. As long as you keep to your core beliefs, you can access an entirely new market of people that will champion your business or brand.

Look For Locals

Twitter doesn’t seem as though it would be a platform that would support local endeavours, but thankfully, we were wrong about this. Twitter is one of the best ways to look for, engage with and work with local people and businesses. You can get involved in your local community, events and organisations just by looking through twitter and seeing what you are missing. This will also help build a meaningful following from local people who will want to work with you as a local entrepreneur.

Support A Good Cause

If you see your competitors supporting a good cause, or retweeting actions from a charity or NGO that they support, this is something to take note of. Find a cause that you whole heartily believe in and that matches your values and goals and engage with them! You will find that you can start a conversation with their audience and build meaningful rapport with people who you may otherwise not have had access to. Conversation is the key to growing your following, if you support a good cause, you may find yourself accessing amazing people that will support your goals.

Plan Your Linked Content

Unlike Instagram and Facebook, you can get away with limited planning when it comes to content. Most of Twitter is about audience engagement, starting discussions and just generally being present, but you still do need to plan the content that you are going to post. Don’t be that account that just links the same photos to the same websites, tweeting about the same deals and discounts. You want to create interest in your feed and content so why not be interesting? Offer your followers a special discount if they retweet, or you can offer a call to arm. The first 100 people to retweet will get an exclusive deal on your website. There are so many ways that you can be creative and increase a meaningful following on twitter.

Look at your competitors

Twitter is an amazing resource of new markets and untapped resources, but one way you can create a more meaningful following is by watching your competitors. People use Twitter as a last resort when the company they have bought from or are working with have failed to uphold their end of the bargain. People will publicly shame them on their feed in the hope of eliciting a response from them. Monitor your competitors feed and see how people talking to them and how the business is handling them. If it looks as though the customer isn’t getting their issue resolved, direct message the customer to see if you can help in any way. It is an underhanded tactic, but one that many companies wear by to not only increases their following from interested parties, but it can also increase lead generation and sales.

Final Considerations

Twitter is an exceptionally fast-moving platform that can be difficult to use and navigate, especially when it comes to getting meaningful interactions and followers. As long as you stay true to your core business values, ideas and principles you should have no issue reaching out and engaging with like-minded people. There is a lot to be said for engaging with larger social and environmental causes, even if it is just as a means of starting conversations (whilst we don’t advise doing this on the back of just generating interest in your business, it is a strategy that some deploy.) Stay true to your business ideals, keep you content engaging and different and don’t let other businesses take your meaningful following because you didn’t deal with a customer in the correct manner!

This is a collaborative post