Is International Vegetarian Day a Worthy Holiday to Buy a Gift?

International Vegetarian Day

Founded in 1977, International Vegetarian Day is celebrated to encourage the joy, compassion and vitality of vegetarianism. October 1st is the official date that kick-starts Vegetarian Awareness Month.


The North American Vegetarian Society (NAVS) established International Vegetarian Day in 1977. A year later, it was adopted by the International Vegetarian Union. It has slowly gained popularity over the past four decades as more and more people have begun to examine moral, economic and environmental questions relating to meat consumption.


International Vegetarian Day is a day for everybody to look at their eating habits and to reflect on the health, society and environmental impact of such eating habits. It is also an opportunity for people to try out the vegetarian lifestyle without having to commit to it. This day also aims to promote the benefits that a vegetarian diet provides. Such a diet not only removes animal fats and cholesterol from the human body, but it also adds nutrients like fibres, antioxidants and cancer-fighting enzymes! With a low-fat vegetarian diet, you can completely avoid any cardiovascular issues which are otherwise common.


The celebrations and events planned for International Vegetarian Day are as varied as the people who plan them. For vegetarians, it’s the perfect chance to celebrate healthy, compassionate food choices and for those already moving to plant-specific diets, i.e. vegans. The most natural way to celebrate International Vegetarian Day is by making a commitment to go meat-free for the whole month. Give yourself or your friends a chance to explore the world of vegetarian cuisine.


Both vegetarians and non-vegetarians celebrate World Vegetarian Day by embracing all things healthy, wholesome, and tasty. There are many ways to share vegetarianism with others. Read on to get inspired by our list of gifting options on this special day.

  • Foodie Books – Like every lifestyle, it is one of the best things to remain curious and educated. So, many books are available for foodies from topics ranging from the sociology of eating, food industry, and farming. Whether you’re a meat-loving foodie looking to transition to eating some veggie meals per week or just in search of a beautiful vegetarian cookbook, we have you covered!
  • Organic Fruits – Anyone who is not so keen on going green will still appreciate the gift of organic fruits and nuts. It is the perfect gift for those who want to eat healthy yet don’t want to sacrifice taste. Organic fruits and nuts taste better as organic growth preserves the flavour and packs in more nutrients. Take the example of dates; hailed as the new superfood on the block, a gift box filled with organic dates will make for a healthy and thoughtful gift idea for vegetarians.
  • Homemade Veggie Meal – An amazing way to introduce others to the wonderful potential of meatless dishes is by packing a hearty homemade veggie meal for your co-worker, friend or family. You can include anything from new ingredients to different substitution techniques for a hearty preparation. We found a contemporary take on Chinese Pancakes that 100% plant-based!

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