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25th June 2019

Eco-Friendly Housing – 4 Ways To Help The Environment

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More and more of us are trying to help the environment these days which is why building eco-friendly housing is becoming very popular.
If you’re thinking about building your own eco-friendly house or you’re looking to invest in a rental property, East Bay PMC shares 4 ways you can help the environment and your bank balance!

Eco-friendly Housing


Insulation is one of the most important factors when building an eco-friendly house. Making sure all of your house is correctly insulated from wall and floor insulation to pipe lagging will help to reduce your carbon footprint and your monthly bills.

There is a whole host of eco-friendly insulations products to choose from. Denim insulation is 100% recycled from blue jeans and is totally safe to use because it’s made from cotton.
Another option is sheep’s wool insulation. We’ve been using sheep’s wool for centuries to make clothes and blankets and now you can use it to insulate your home.

sheep - wool insulation

Renewable Energy

There are a few ways to use renewable energy for your home, depending on where your home is situated.
If you have lots of space and don’t have close neighbours (they can be noisy and annoying if used in residential areas), you could invest in a small scale wind turbine which could create enough energy to cover most of your household needs.
Make sure you do your research, however, as it can take many years to break even as the setup costs can be very high.

One of the most popular ways to use renewable energy for private dwellings is to install solar panels. They can provide enough energy for regular household use and you can use solar batteries to store any energy that isn’t used.
This is a great way to have energy throughout the months that aren’t as sunny.

eco-friendly housing - wind power

Water Conservation & Hydro-Power

Finding ways to conserve water can help reduce your energy consumption.
We all know by now that having a shower is much better than having a bath and with today’s modern showers, it’s even more eco-friendly.

Collecting rainwater and installing systems for watering your garden, using low flow taps and showers as well as water efficient white goods such as dishwashers and washing machines can save gallons of water.

If you live at the side of a river or stream, you can also use that water to create energy using hydro-power.
It can cost about the same to install as solar panels but hydro-power isn’t affected by weather changes. It’s stable and continuous and can generate much more power than solar panels or wind turbines. This makes it the best choice for homeowners who are lucky enough to live near flowing water.

bridge over a river - hydro power

Energy Star Products

When it comes to eco-friendly housing, you need to check out Energy Star products. These products have been certified as being energy efficient by the Environmental Protection Agency.

There are hundreds of products available from appliances, building products, electricals and lighting to heating and cooling and office equipment.

With lots of research and help from the experts, you can create a wonderful eco-friendly home that you can feel comfortable in for years to come with the knowledge that you’ve done your best to reduce your carbon footprint.

5 Tips That Can help Your Kid with Homework

Making your kid do his homework is one of the toughest tasks for a parent. As a kid having marvelous tons of energy, it is very difficult to make him sit and concentrate on one single task. All of us have been through that phase of life, and we should understand it. It is not a very big task to sit with your kid every day for a while. However, to your rescue, there are many sites such as AssignmentGeek.com to always help your kid to complete any assignments or homework successfully.

Kids always want to play, run, swim, dance, sing but not study, and with this changing world, everything has changed apart from a kid’s small mind. So as a generous parent, we have to devise new ideas so that our kids find homework interesting, and here are a few of them.

woman helping girl with homework

Plan Well

Planning is the ultimate key. Before jumping up to the assignment, try to understand what the homework really is. In addition, you can also call the class teacher and discuss the work. In this way, you would be fully aware of the task and provide better guidance to your kids for the same.

Get all the books and supplies they need

Before starting with the homework, make sure that all the supplies example pencil, colors, books are available at the same place to avoid chaos. In this way, your kid will learn to do his work systematically without running here and there in the middle of the work.

Pick a quiet spot

Children tend to have less concentration power. Their mind will travel away from their head in some Disneyland within seconds. So as a parent, your next step should be to choose a quiet, silent place where your kid is not distracted from the surrounding sound and can concentrate easily on his homework.

Work Together

Never make your kids realize that homework is a burden for them. For this, you can accompany them while they are completing their work. Always make them realize that they should be in charge of their work, be it for the award or punishments.

Appreciate your kids

Always keep in mind that appreciation is most important for your kid. You may not reward them        every time with chocolates and pancakes, but you should surely reward them with your appreciation. Using a few words like “Good,” “Wow,” “Neat,” “Nice” will help your child build confidence in himself along with knowledge.

Kids are hungry for your attention. Give them small breaks in between work as a reward so that they feel refreshed for a few times. In this manner, your child will learn to work systematically in order to get rewards and have the urge to complete his daily assignments.  Regularity, punctuality, and discipline will build in him as soon as he follows all the above-mentioned steps. Always keep in mind that not every kid will become a doctor or engineer, but they surely have different potentials. Some may be fond of dancing others in sports. Let them choose for themselves as they grow.

This is a collaborative post

The Canterville Ghost Book Review #24

I needed something light and easy to read to help me get back on track with my Goodreads challenge and to give my brain a bit of a rest and The Canterville Ghost novella was perfect.

I’ve only managed to read about 150 pages of the third Game Of Thrones book this week as we’ve had some family illness that’s resulted in numerous hospital visits and lots for us to do that we don’t normally do.
We don’t mind one bit because it’s family, which is obviously a whole lot more important than finding time to read!

The Canterville Ghost

Here’s the blurb from Goodreads:

This is Oscar Wilde’s tale of the American family moved into a British mansion, Canterville Chase, much to the annoyance of its tired ghost. The family — which refuses to believe in him — is in Wilde’s way a commentary on the British nobility of the day — and on the Americans, too. The tale, like many of Wilde’s, is rich with allusion, but ends as sentimental romance…

My Thoughts

I always loved watching this movie with my mum when I was younger.

I’ve never thought about reading the book, though, until I saw it came as a free audiobook from Loyal Books 🙂

It’s only a novella with just over 100 pages but it was totally what I needed while I carried on with a craft project I’m working on.
I’m getting used to audiobooks now and I’ve decided I’m not going to rush to finish the Game Of Thrones book I’m reading because I want to enjoy reading it, but to help keep up with my Goodreads challenge, I’m going to listen to audiobooks while I’m working and read my GoT book at night when I’m in bed and whenever I get chance to grab a quite half hour 🙂

The Canterville Ghost
Goodreads 2019 reading challenge 24 books read


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