Swimming Pool Plus Gym: Ideal Combination For Perfect Beach Body

The sun has started to shine bright, and it won’t be long before the swimming season is upon us.
That said, everyone is trying to get beach-body ready to get their sunscreens and tan on. The ideal beach body varies from person to person; however, if you are hoping to lose some weight before that, there is never a better combination than the gym and swimming to help achieve that.


As summer is fast approaching, students are thrilled to take on their summer journey, and head for excursions to islands and beaches tucked away in exotic destinations. But before that, you might have those dreadful assignments to complete or hope to avoid the stress even when out on the beach.  

students at the beach

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With the responsibilities of academic work taken care of, it would be easy to find the spare time to get working on the beach body you desire.


Get in the Swimming Pool


Ironically, swimming itself is the best way to get one ready for the swimming season. Fitness experts, unanimously recommend this exercise as the different strokes can help to focus on different parts of the body. Moreover, it is both cardio and strength training blended into one activity.

man in swimming pool

Since the density of water is more than the air, the muscles also are under constant resistance which gets the body great results for toning. If you are looking to get healthier, then swimming is always the best of the workouts.  


At the Gym


For those who are not a fan of the water, or swimming for that matter, adding some gym time in your workout schedule will only be beneficial. Nevertheless, just like the experts suggest, a combination of the two would be the best.

woman exercising

High-Intensity Interval Training


HIIT is now considered one of the most effective methods of workout that alternates between the short span of high-intensity exercise and then small intervals of recovery. It focuses on conditioning, and when compared to cardio, is far more efficient to lose fat.


HIIT could be practised in the gym with the help of a trainer or outside the gym too. Start by heading out to sprint for 60 seconds and then slow down to walk for 30 seconds and repeat. Do 4 to 6 sessions and take 5 minutes of rest in between.


Exercise for the Core


When people talk about beach body, the first picture that comes to their mind is of a strong core. Thus indeed, any routine at the gym has to emphasize the core of the body. Add in extra training to the workout that focuses on increasing the core strength. Instead of going for a bench press, choose push-ups and squats. Deadlifts, mountain climbers, planks and body weight rows are also great for core strengthening.


Include Upper Back Training


A trim waist is another part that most people would like to sharpen. But, on the other hand, strong upper back muscles will make the waist look smaller. The smart thing to do would be to include workouts for the upper back that will help to define both the upper body and the waist look more defined.

woman exercising

Don’t Forget the Glutes


Whatever swimwear you choose, a set of well-shaped glutes will definitely add more confidence. Exercises targeting the glutes is another part not to forget for a beach body workout. Hip thrusts are on a great way to accentuate the glutes. Incorporate weight training and other exercises according to the trainer’s suggestions to achieve better results.


Focus on the Posture


Regardless of what you do or how good the muscle definition is, a bad posture is certainly unattractive. Not only that, but posture can also interfere with the results of training, or cause joint pain and reduce the flexibility. It is thus essential while you work out to consult with the trainer to make sure that the posture is right.


Remember that even with an intense workout routine, without eating healthy and getting enough sleep, the beach body you seek is still unattainable. So follow a routine, a nutrition-filled diet, and rejuvenating sleep, and you are sure to gain an enviable body for the summer.

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