3 Ways To Decrease The Hair On Your Body

Excessive hair growth on the body or face is normal as a result of male hormones called androgens. If you want to decrease the hair on your body, you can either use natural methods at home or hire a professional to do it for you.

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While some might consider weight loss as an effective way of reducing the amount of hair on their body, sometimes this is not the best solution, especially if you have no issue with your body size. But, there are other ways that you can decrease the hair on your body. Below are 3 ways.

Use laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is a great way of reducing the hair on your body though it isn’t permanent. However, you should be ready to go for several treatments before you notice any results. The procedure can also be quite costly due to the repeated sessions, but you can be sure to get long-lasting results if you find the right practitioner.

The procedure is quick and a single treatment can decrease many hair follicles. Find a certified laser hair removal practitioner at Body Detail; consult about the treatments, cost as well as the results for the best experience.

Use simple home hair removal methods

There are simple ways that you can decrease the amount of hair in the comfort of your home, which includes shaving using a razor or electric shaver, waxing, tweezing or threading. Though you don’t need an expert when using a razor, you may need to shave frequently. Use a soothing cream to smoothen your skin.

Tweezing or threading involves plucking the hair out at the root. You can either use tweezers or find someone to do the threading. But, these methods can cause pain and redness so be extra careful when using them. Waxing uses melted wax and is normally done in salons, but it can cause pain and redness.

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Opt for electrolysis

Electrolysis is a non-invasive procedure which entails the use of a needle which is inserted into the body part you intend to remove hairs and releasing an electric current which destroys its growth. When going for electrolysis, look for an electrologist who is licensed and certified. This will ensure that you undergo a safe and right treatment. Electrolysis is relatively non-invasive, but there are some risks involved.

Electrolysis can be quite pricey, so pick out the right electrologist to ensure that you get the best service. Consider checking online reviews for the best electrologist within your locality and then further inquire about their procedures. If they use electronic tweezers or photo epilators, then look for an alternative since these methods are not permanent. Avoid methods like shaving, waxing or plucking the hair you intend to be removed before going for the procedure.

Since hair growth is often caused by hormones, genes or medication, you need to be cautious of what you are taking. Certain drugs, mostly those containing hormones like anabolic steroids have the ability to change the hormone levels in your system which promotes grow unwanted hair on body parts such as your face. These spurs hair growth so be careful to avoid taking anything that will promote its growth.

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