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19th November 2018

Looking After Your Family’s Health And Wellbeing

When it comes to you and your family, you want to ensure that everyone in the household is happy and healthy. And we can do many things to ensure that it remains that way no matter what life may throw at us.

parents with a child - family health

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Ask Often If They’re Ok

A natural reaction when we don’t feel like ourselves is to shut everyone else out and keep our feelings bottled up. Everything might seem fine on the outside, but a partner or child may be suffering internally and just needs to be asked the question of if they’re ok. A lot of the time we overthink things, so they may be concerned about letting you done, making you angry or feel ashamed. Tell them that there’s nothing to worry about, that you love them and that you’re there for them.


When it comes to the more challenging occasions, for example during a divorce where family law solicitors may be involved, it’s even more important to talk with everyone involved. Things like this can happen in life, so it’s important to be even more vigilant when situations like this occur.


Spend Quality Time Together

It can be easy to get caught up in the busyness of life, but it’s important to make time for the family on a regular basis where there are no distractions. Spending this quality time together will help strengthen your relationships as a family and individually. As kids grow up, they remember more of when a parent has been absent than when they’ve been there, so be sure to maintain contact with them even if it’s over the phone or via Skype.


Regular Health Checks

With so much going on, it’s simple enough to set aside that letter from the dentist or doctor regarding your checkup, and forget about it. But when it comes to your health, there should be nothing that comes in the way of regular check-ups, particularly if there’s any previous medical history of any sort in the family. It’ll also set an example to others in the household that even when life gets busy, your health should always take priority. And with our NHS, we’re very fortunate to have free healthcare in our country.


Encourage Healthy Eating

Encouraging the family to eat healthy starts should start from the very beginning. Yes, it can be good to indulge in food sometimes but eating in moderation is important. It’s also good to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables so be sure to try and incorporate this into the meal plan where possible.


Kids helping with the cooking will love to get involved, so get them learning those life skills and involve them in meal prep.


Keep Active

Setting an example when it comes to exercise should certainly come from us as parents. It can be really hard to make time for exercise when you have a million and one other things to do but incorporating exercise can be as simple as going for a walk. It’s good to get the whole family active so look out for group activities that can involve everyone.


Whatever form, shape or size your family unit comes in, you should make sure that the wellbeing of everyone in your household comes first, including yourself.

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Far From A “Con”! Reasons To Get A Conservatory Added To Your House

Myddelton House conservatory



As far as the most attractive living spaces are concerned in most modern homes, it boils down to the two big draws, the living room and the kitchen. When these two rooms aren’t increasing the value of your property, or it’s not feasible to make any drastic changes, have you considered getting a conservatory? It is one of those additions to a house that’s not just beneficial for the value of the property, but it is practical, not to mention stylish. But why should you get a conservatory added to your home?

The Addition Of Space

Planning permission aside, a conservatory can be, within reason, as big as you want it. If you have a big garden, then adding an extra room onto the back of your home isn’t going to be that much of an issue. But an extra room for the home is a great idea in a practical sense, especially if you have a growing family, or you have a living room that’s not big enough to contain the entire clan. And when you think of getting an entertainment room, or at the very least, somewhere to relax, the conservatory ticks all the boxes.

A Marvellous Contemporary Addition To The Home

If you’re looking to increase the value of the property, and you are weighing up your options, increasing that overall style is something that could be done with a conservatory. Depending on where you are, you may want to consult local contemporary architects to see if a conservatory will work with the overall aesthetic of your home. As conservatories have never gone out of fashion, and it’s cheaper than building another storey to your home, it is a very worthwhile option to consider.

It Has Multiple Uses

You might think that a conservatory isn’t incredibly practical, especially when the winter is approaching, but you can treat a conservatory as an extra room in the house, and it is as conducive to keeping heat in as the rest of the home, especially if you invest in underfloor heating. While it depends on the materials you build a conservatory with, you can use it for various things. You can use the conservatory as a greenhouse if you are a keen gardener, or turn it into a luxury space that is for you when the rest of the house is booming with the sounds of children travelling up and down the stairs, arguing, and music blaring from all directions! A conservatory tucked away at the back of your house can give you that distance you so desperately need.

Nowadays, when we’re trying to make a home that bit more comforting, but also adds value without spending too much, a conservatory appears to be the best compromise. As a conservatory serves many purposes and the fact that it can be a lifesaver as far as a dimly lit home is concerned, because it can let the sun in, this space can make all the difference. When we outgrow our home, we can think about moving somewhere else, but with a conservatory, there is no need.


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The Christmas Blessing By Donna VanLiere – Book Review #46

The Christmas Blessing is the second book in the Christmas Hope series by Donna VanLiere. I’ve been looking forward to reading these all year!

The Christmas Blessing

Here’s the blurb from Goodreads:

In The Christmas Shoes, young Nathan Andrews was a child who lost his mother to cancer. Now his deepest wish is to become a doctor. When a stranger named Robert gave him the money to buy his mother a pair of shoes for her last Christmas, both Robert and Nathan learned the deepest lessons of love and giving. Now a medical student in his third year, Nathan realizes there are still things to be learned about faith, blessings, and sacrifice. Lessons he will learn from Meghan Sullivan-a young woman born with a hole in her heart that has not kept her from becoming a champion runner. And lessons learned from a young boy named Charlie, who teaches how to live a life of true courage. Together, they will help guide Nathan through the darkest period in his life. The Christmas Blessing is an inspiring about hope existing in the darkest places, and love is always the greatest gift of all.

My Thoughts

Loved it 🙂 I don’t usually get weepy when reading, (unless I’m reading a true story about horrible things that have happened to a child, however, I don’t read those kinds of books anymore because it makes me too sad) but this one brought a tear to my eye.

I enjoyed reading more about Nathan and seeing the man he’s grown in to.

This second book has also been made into a movie but it’s called Miracle Of The Heart rather than The Christmas Blessing.

The Christmas Blessing By Donna VanLiere Book Cover

Goodreads 2018 reading challenge 46 books read


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