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7th November 2018

4 Things That Can Derail Your Enjoyment Of Your Home

No-one ends up buying the house of their dreams, but you’d be surprised by the percentage of people who end up regretting their purchase. While most people end up wishing they’d taken another route to homeownership because of the high costs involved, others regret their decision because of smaller, more manageable issues. While it’s not possible to have the perfect home, we should at least strive to have a house that is, at worst, “neutral.” Below, we take a look at some of the common issues that derail a person’s enjoyment of their house and offer some advice on how to overcome them.

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Disagreeable Temperatures


Summer might be ideal, but when winter rolls around, you suddenly find yourself in a house that’s far too cold. Since there’s not much going on outside, we all want to have a space that allows us to relax and enjoy the winter season to the max. But if we’re forever finding that our homes are too cold, then we won’t be able to do this. So work on heating up your house. You could blast the heating, but that’ll cost you a pretty penny. Instead, get insulation installed, and make the most of the small hacks to cheaply warm up your property.


Unwelcome Guests


The creatures invited to live in your home are: you, your partner, the kids, and maybe a cat or dog. Everyone else needs to stay away, and especially if they’re not paying rent. Having insects or rodents living on your property doesn’t just compromise the homeliness of your house; it’s also a health and safety issue, and can also reduce its value. If you suspect you may have some tiny freeloaders living on your property, then get in touch with a company that offers pest control services. They’ll make sure that the creatures get back to where they belong, which is: anywhere but your house.


Noisy Neighbours


It’s not easy to live as part of society. There are annoying people everywhere! If we see them in the supermarket, then we can handle it. When they live next door to us, then it’s another matter entirely. Hearing noisy neighbours all day and night can severely compromise how happy we are in our home. You can try to remedy the issue by talking to them, but if that doesn’t work, then look at soundproofing your home. It’s not as difficult as it sounds. For sleeping, you might also want to invest in a white noise machine, which is very effective at blocking out external noises.


Cramped Spaces


Most of us know that it’s not how big your home is that counts, but how much love is inside. Nice idea, a true idea, but only to a point. If your house is cramped, then you’ll slowly go crazy! Fortunately, the internet is awash with advice on how you can make small living spaces look and feel bigger. So don’t worry, you’re not confined to a life of living in a space where you’re constantly battling for space.

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Very & Barbour Christmas Adverts 2018

Very’s Christmas advert is in the same animated style as previous Very adverts and I love them. They’re very sweet and always contain a lovely message about giving.
Barbour has stuck with The Snowman theme and has produced yet another great Christmas ad.

Very 2018

Very Christmas Advert 2018

Barbour 2018

Barbour has made adverts based on The Snowman for the last 2 years and this year is no different.
A girl makes her very own snowman and waits throughout the night for her own magical adventure 🙂

Barbour Christmas Advert 2018

Very, Barbour & Amazon Christmas adverts 2017

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