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3rd November 2018

Oh No, Is Kevin Going To Be OK? #SaveKevin

I awoke this morning to a video clip sent to me on Messenger by Ant. I’m not the most talkative of people in the mornings until I’ve had my coffee and woken up properly but this clip woke me right up!
He’d recorded the Aldi Christmas advert 2018 and when I Googled it, it said, like previous years, this is the first of a series.

Aldi Christmas Advert 2018 – Kevin Is Back. Yay!!

I’m so happy to see Kevin back. They’ve only gone and given him his own version of the Coca-Cola truck!

Kevin The Carrot truck from Aldi Christmas Advert 2018
When I first played the video it was on my phone and it was tiny so I couldn’t see properly. I thought it was the proper Coca-Cola Christmas advert and I was excited, but then I watched it again on the laptop and saw it was Kevin and I was even more excited!

Is Kevin going to be OK? #SaveKevin

#SaveKevin Aldi Christmas Advert 2018

I can’t wait to see the rest of the Aldi adverts 🙂

Update November 8th – Kevin is back but it’s not carried on from the Coco-Cola truck advert which was a little disappointing but I still love it!

My favourite part is where he says, ‘Right in the nuts’ when the parsnip falls into a bowl of walnuts!!

Kevin The Carrot 2016

Kevin The Carrot 2017

Christmas Gift Ideas For Him

I don’t know why but men always seem harder to buy for than women. I struggle buying Christmas gifts for my brothers and usually end up getting them something alcoholic.
I’ve been surfing for inspiration and found some different Christmas gift ideas for men :o)

Christmas Gift Ideas For Men

I Want One Of Those – IWOOT

Mystery Gadget Gift Box – £22.99

I love mystery gift boxes and I now want to buy one of these for Ant just so I can see what’s in it!

Mystery Gadget Box from I Want One Of Those

Star Wars Glass Tumbler – £9.99

If your special someone likes movie memorabilia, this Storm Trooper glass would be a welcome gift.

Star Wars glass tumbler from I Want One Of Those

Spacerail – £16.99

This would be an excellent present for a father and son to play with together.

Gifts For Him - Spacerail from I Want One Of Those

Not On The High Street

Reasons I Love Dad – £22

Reasons I Love Dad from Not On The High Street

Personalised Surname Apron – £26

Ant does most of the cooking in our house so this would be a great present for him.

Personalised Surname Apron from Not On The High Street

100 Movies Scratch Bucket List – £12.99

I don’t know about gifts for men, I want this for me!

100 Movies Scratch Bucket List

Gift Cards

If you’re totally stuck, a gift card is always a good idea. Whilst Ant would like to receive any of the above gifts, he’d much prefer something more practical; a B&Q gift card, for instance, would be very welcome as he’s always got a project on the go.

I wouldn’t be pleased to receive a new hoover, for example, but Ant wouldn’t mind at all if I bought him a new chainsaw to help with the garden project!


Old Original Minikeg

Ant does love unusual containers and whenever he sees minikegs for he always wants one. I’m sure it’s just so he can save the keg when the beer’s gone!

Old Original minikeg Ruby Ale

Personalised Old Original Beer

If you wanted to add a personal touch, you can have the front and back labels personalised.

Personalised Old Original ruby ale


Instead of buying him some beer, how about getting him a homebrew kit so he can make his own?
If he’s a beginner, there’s loads of helpful information on 52 Brews.

homebrew kit


Longines Watches

If you’re after something a little more luxurious, you could splash the cash on a Longines watch from watchshopping.com

Screenshot from watchshopping.com

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