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4th November 2017

Argos & Asda Christmas Adverts – It Starts!

I LOVE seeing the Christmas adverts every year and I surprised myself when I realised I’d not been checking for release dates!
I noticed this morning that Argos and Asda have released their Christmas adverts and they’re both quite nice.

The Argos advert made me smile because I remember one of my brothers having a robot puppy for Christmas one year.

The Asda advert is better than in previous years. It’s quite Christmassy and I like the idea of a magical factory.
I can’t even remember any Asda Christmas ads from last year!

I’m looking forward to seeing more Christmas ads. Which one are you most excited to see? 🙂

If I Won The Lottery I Would……

Years ago, I used to think about having a go on the Irish lottery after hearing how well some of my friends did when playing. Trouble was, I was too nervous to go into the betting shop! Now, of course, I don’t need to go to the betting shop because I can play online 🙂

I’m sure many of us have thought about what we would do if we were to win big on the lottery. I know I have! Before we stopped playing the lottery, I’d think about how having all that money would change our lives.

playing the Irish lottery

Food Shopping!

Surprisingly my first thought has never been to buy a huge house or a new car. I’d mostly love to be able to go grocery shopping without being on a strict budget.
It would be lovely to be able to try a new recipe for dinner every day without worrying about the cost of the groceries 🙂

Home Improvement

We bought this house nearly 4 years ago and we’re really very happy here. I don’t think I could face going through another house move. Instead of moving, we’d make some changes to this house. I’d want a bigger kitchen, a separate dining room and a utility room adding. We’d make a proper office for Ant (his office is in the garage, which is very cold!) on the second floor which will open onto a balcony. He loves the idea of having a balcony.


Garden Makeover

The whole garden would be treated to an Alan Titchmarsh style makeover. We’d get professionals in to create a wonderful wildlife pond, waterfall and stream. Ant would get an electrician and plumber in to finish off his outdoor kitchen.
He also wants a new shed/summerhouse building at the top of the garden. We’d sit back with a coffee and watch all the workmen transform our garden!

garden pond


A trip to New York with my girls at Christmas is one of my dreams. Another is to take them and Aiden to Disneyworld in Florida.
Ant’s dream holiday would be a road trip to Europe and I want to visit a European Christmas market, or 2!

What would you do if you won the lottery?

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