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16th August 2017

5 Reasons To Test Your Home For Radon

5 Reasons To Test Your Home For Radon


What is radon exactly? Well, in the simplest of terms, it is basically an odourless, invisible, tasteless, and radioactive gas that is detrimental to one’s health. The gas is usually formed because of the decay in chains where uranium and thorium decay into lead. According to reliable reports, radon kills more people annually than drunk-driving related accidents! And, it only comes second to tobacco when we talk about the leading causes of lung cancer. Hence, you must test your home for radon pronto! Here are 5 reasons why you should do it!

  1. Perhaps, you are looking to sell your property?

These days, there are several procedures that require you to check your home for radon before listing it for sale. With the availability of the internet, more buyers are now aware of radon gas. And, these buyers usually insist that the homes they intend to acquire are tested for radon gas. Conducting prior radon gas tests will prevent you from facing a rude awakening during inspection time.

  1. Radon causes lung cancer

Reliable reports state that radon kills more people annually than drunken-driving related accidents! And, it only comes second to tobacco when we talk about the causes of lung cancer. Therefore, even if you resist the temptation of smoking tobacco, you could still suffer from lung cancer if you are exposed to radon gas for a long period. The radioactive element in radon can easily be transferable through dust particles and the air you breathe, proving to be detrimental to your lungs.

  1. You must test your home for radon because it is easy to do so!

Testing your home for radon is not as complicated and difficult as it sounds. Conducting radon tests will not interfere with your day to day life. The non-toxic equipment that is used to measure and detect radon is usually only a foot long. Therefore, they can be concealed easily if they prove to be inconvenient. You can either hire professionals to do the job or do it yourself. There are DIY kits you can purchase to conduct the tests easily and they don’t cost too much.

living room

  1. Radon is odourless, tasteless, and invisible

Since Radon is odourless, tasteless, and invisible, there is no way for you to detect the gas without proper equipment. Hence, you will not be able to detect radon problems in your home unless the situation goes out of control. Since the exposure to radon gas does not lead to immediate symptoms, you may be led into believing that you are safe and sound. But, as we mentioned earlier, a long-term exposure to the gas can lead to lung cancer. Hence, you must test your home for radon right this instant!

  1. You have no choice really

There is simply no way to detect radon unless done through proper tests. Even if your neighbour has a low level of radon in his home, you must still conduct tests in your home. The radon levels in your neighbour´s house have no bearing on your radon levels. Therefore, we would request you to measure radon in your home today!


Forget Working From Home, Try Working From Your Garden!

Working From Your Garden

If you are fortunate enough to have a job that allows you to work from the comfort of your humble abode, you may wish to consider formalising the area from which you work. This doesn’t have to mean stealing some of your living space from your home. You can look to your garden for inspiration. If you have an outbuilding of some sort, you can convert it. If you aren’t blessed with acres of land or a barn to renovate, consider building a home office in your garden. We are not talking a wooden shed but a fully insulated building complete with electricity and heating from which you can work, giving you that all important space that allows a clear distinction between your work and your home life. Take a look at these ideas to inspire the creation of your new garden home office.

home office

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Be Creative

Designing a wholly separate building within your garden gives you the opportunity to be creative. You don’t have to build a formulaic bricks and mortar home office. Consider different materials such as stone, wood and steel or a combination to create a mixture of interesting textures and a stylistic design. You may wish to echo the natural environment in which your new home office is situated and opt for an eco-building. You can be as traditional or as contemporary as you wish to ensure you create a building that inspires you to work and be as productive as possible.

black claw hammer

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The most effective way to ensure that you are not falling foul of building regulations is to find a builder who specialises in creating independent structures. These professionals will have an intricate and in-depth understanding of all relevant legislation and will be able to guide you in determining if your home office plans fall under permitted development rights or whether you need to apply for further planning permission.

If you feel confident enough to manage the build yourself, it’s up to you to schedule a range of professionals to ensure the smooth running of your project. This will include builders, possibly an architect, electricians, decorators and plumbers. If the thought of managing a build induces a mild panic attack, get in a professional project manager to oversee the smooth running of your home office creation.

home office room renovations garden home office

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To ensure that you create a fully functioning home office that doesn’t become a money pit, you’ll need to keep a tight reign on your finances. Set out a clear budget from the beginning, detailing how much money you wish to allocate for the design, the build and the furnishings. It is the final stretch when dressing and furnishing your home office that can quickly get out of control with the necessary purchases of lighting, carpets and window dressings, not to mention a desk and a chair.

Flexible working is one of the joys of working for a forward thinking twenty-first-century company, and by immersing your work environment into your garden space, you are utilising a part of your home that has remained relatively untouched.

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Rock Painting & Daisy Made Ice Cream

Daisy Made Ice Cream

I think I can speak for us all when I say we love Daisy Made ice cream. They have different flavours every time we go and it’s always hard to choose 🙂
Daisy Made makes it on to every bucket list we make and it wouldn’t be the summer holidays without a trip there.


Daisy Made ice cream
I had a scoop of Cheeky Monkey (chocolate and banana) and a scoop of pear flavoured ice cream 🙂
Ant posing
Ant posing in his new Cool Daddy t-shirt!

We took Nanny to Daisy Made this week. She’d never been before and she now loves it as much as we do!
We didn’t stay long because the weather turned from lovely sun to chilly wind not long after we got there. The girls like playing crazy golf when we visit but I didn’t fancy standing in the wind for an hour while they played. I don’t play because I don’t really enjoy crazy golf!

Nanny and Ella at Daisy Made

Kaycee at Daisy Made

Rock Painting

While working at the charity shop I came across an unused set of acrylic paints. I didn’t have a use for them when I bought them, I just figured it would be good to have them.

While browsing Pinterest I saw some lovely rock painting designs. I knew Kaycee and Ella would love having a go at rock painting and I was right. We spent a really lovely afternoon together creating lovely rocks for the garden.

We just have to varnish them now so they’ll last for years outside 🙂

Rock Painting

Rock Painting


Rock Painting
Kaycee’s minion 🙂

Rock Painting

Rock Painting
My birdie 🙂
Rock Painting
Kaycee’s watermelon and my ice cream
Rock Painting
My mouse
rock painting unicorn
Ella’s unicorn

I think this is going to be one of our rainy day activities. We’ve got loads of rocks in the garden around the pond.
We’re hoping to go to the seaside soon as well so we’ll collect lots more rocks while we’re there 🙂



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