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25th July 2017

Back To School – Uniform and Stationery Shopping

Back To School – Uniform


Yes, I know the holidays have only just started but I know from experience we need to go shopping now. I’ve left it until the end of the holidays before and all the sizes we needed were out of stock.

The trouble is, I can’t just get on and order everything like I used to. The girls are older now and they want to choose their own style. The skirts I think they’d like, they don’t and the ones I’d never choose for them, they ask for!

I do most of the shopping at Tesco as I’m a delivery saver customer which means I can have it delivered for free 🙂


Like me, both girls love buying stationery and Ella’s looking forward to a trip to Smiggle with her sister, Kellyann.
Kaycee was pleased to see the contents of a package that came from Stabilo the other day. We’ve had pens from them before and the girls have always been pleased with them.
They send a selection of left and right handed because Ella needs left handed pens and Kaycee is right handed.

Ella loved her new lunch bag from Ulster Weavers 🙂 Kaycee didn’t mind that she didn’t get one, she doesn’t use lunch bags with pictures on them anymore now she’s at secondary school!

back to school stationery

stabilo pens


Please note: we were sent products in return for a blog post.

Home Improvement: Hallway Heaven

Hallway Heaven


Your hallway is a transitional part of your house. It’s the thing you use when you need to go somewhere else, apart from those occasions when you linger in it, wondering if you have got everything you need before you head out of the house. Even then though, it’s little more than a staging point, a tunnel that you’re always going to emerge on the other side of.

So why should you care what it looks like?

Most families have the same attitude. Provided that your hallway is serviceable – i.e. no peeling paint or horrible clutter just waiting to be fallen over – most families slap a lick of paint on the wall, hang a light, and consider that job done. That’s a shame, really, because your hallway is an area of your house that you see a lot. It’s the first thing that greets you when you come home; it’s the last thing you see before you head out into the world. It’s a transitional point that’s always in view – so why not consider a little time spent on hallway improvement, sprucing it up with these ideas?

#1 – Keep It Bright

hallway heaven paintbrush


Unless you have actual windows in your hallway (which is unlikely), it makes sense to try and keep the colour scheme as bright as you possibly can. A light colour on the wall and light coloured flooring… and you’re now wondering about maintenance, aren’t you? How can you have all light decor in an area that is often hosting muddy boots and rain-soaked jackets?

There are ways and means. For one thing, hard wearing carpet that’s easy to clean is relatively inexpensive these days, and wipe-clean paint is available from a variety of manufacturers. Use these and you can keep your hallway light, bright, and a genuine delight to be in.

#2 – Artwork

You’re best going for – at most – two different pieces of artwork, otherwise it’s very easy to make the hallway feel like it’s closing in on you. You could try Little Gems Online for delightfully personalised wall art, then opt for something more generic at the other end as a statement piece. You can make the room look larger if you ensure you hang the artwork at above head height, drawing the eye upwards and making the space feel taller.

#3 – A Statement Light



The hallway might not seem like a natural setting for a big statement light, but think about it: this is an area that is otherwise relatively sparse. If any area can handle a big statement from the ceiling, it’s an area where there’s little else going on to distract from it. Think pendulums or large burst-style lights that create a beautiful pattern on the wall when turned on; it could make all the difference.

#4 – Clever Storage

Companies such as Ikea offer clever, sleek storage solutions for your hallway, especially if you’re in need of somewhere to keep shoes. Look for pieces that line against the wall as close as possible rather than jutting out too much; it helps keep the space looking its best.

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