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12th July 2017

41 Today – Birthday Girl and Spoilt For The Day!

Birthday Girl – 41 Today!


Turning 40 last year didn’t bother me as much as turning 30 had done! I’m happy to be in my forties and I don’t feel as old as I expected to!

I did incorrectly tell Kaycee I was 31 when she asked how old I was today, though. It just came out and it took me a few seconds to realise I wasn’t actually 31; Freudian slip comes to mind!

In The Morning…

When I woke this morning, everyone had forgotten it was my birthday and it was a quarter of an hour before anyone wished me a happy birthday. Kaycee went upstairs to fetch my pressies and get Ella up and Ant went to help.
Now Ella isn’t her best in the mornings. She’s like me and prefers to be left alone until she’s woken up slowly. She didn’t get to do that this morning and I ended up with 2 crying girls handing me birthday gifts!

Kaycee was upset because she had to leave early for school and was going to miss me opening my presents. Ella was upset because Ant had to talk to sharply to her to get her out of bed.
I had to promise Kaycee that I’d wait for her to come home from school before I opened my presents!

Slimming World

I had to go to Slimming World today and do the weigh in for everyone this morning. In the afternoon I  did a couple of hours in the charity shop. I usually do Tuesday mornings at the charity shop but something came up yesterday and I wasn’t able to make it.

So after a busy day, I went home to finally open my presents!

They were worth wait 🙂


41 today - birthday presents

41 today - birthday presents

41 today - birthday presents

I got seasons 5 and 6 of Game of Thrones (we’re only season 2 at the moment!)

41 today - birthday presents

Always lots of books from the family and a lovely top from my from my friend 🙂

41 today - birthday presents

Some gorgeous plants from a friend at Slimming World and a candle from the ladies at the charity shop.
My best friend bought me the gorgeous angel bird house and the alcohol….she knows me well!

41 today - birthday presents

The fairy birdbath and the owl bookmark with my birthstone on are from Ant and the kids 🙂

41 today - birthday presents

Garden Centre Vouchers

Finally, I got some garden centre vouchers and this wonderful fairy from my mother-in-law.
I got more garden centre vouchers from my father-in-law and my step daughter and her partner also got me garden centre vouchers and a Winnie The Pooh mug.

My mum’s bought me a fairy house for the garden but she lives in Derbyshire and I haven’t seen her yet. I know what it looks like, though, as I added it to my Amazon wishlist last month!

I’ve had a really lovely day and want to thank everyone for making me feel so special.


Choosing The Best Carpet Cleaner For Home Use

Best Carpet Cleaner For Home Use

Choosing the best carpet cleaner for home use

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If you don’t want to vacuum your carpets yourself, carpet cleaning Fairfax companies can save you time and muscle too. Knowing how often you want to clean your rugs and home carpets is helpful when it comes to hiring professionals as you’ll want to be able to book a time that suits you.

There are a few basic models of them you can select from for disinfecting and cleaning your carpets and rugs at home.

Canister Cleaner– This kind is best for small spot stains, and curtain or furniture cleaning. Two well-known brands are Bissell and Rug Doctor. These may be purchased online, at a traditional department store, speciality store. It is small in size which makes it easy to transport from room to room. You may find a wide variety of brands being sold online.

Upright half size– This one is most useful for apartments and rooms. They are designed to be lightweight, compact, and extra power. This kind is excellent for carpets that need deep cleaning. It is much easier to compare prices for upright types online.

Full-size upright cleaner– If you are searching for one for cleaning spot stains, curtains, furniture, and bigger areas, then this kind would be a wise choice. This kind will provide extra power when cleaning carpets. It is a heavy duty machine that comes with a long lasting warranty too.

When you make your purchase, then your machine will come with complete instructions for use as well as the kind of agents or solutions you can add to it. Be sure to follow all of the instructions so your cleaning machine can provide you excellent performance for years to come.

An online retailer specialising in carpet cleaning products can help you decide on a few good brands to choose from. You can find these useful carpet cleaning machines for most any budget that range from being very inexpensive to very expensive in price. Warranties on different brands will vary. Most cleaning machines will come with helpful tips and advice on how to correctly clean your rugs and carpet and prevent discoloration during your carpet cleaning process.

Commercial use machines will usually be very large to handle large buildings. These are the kinds that are not easy to transport from place to place. Commercial use machines are not recommended for use at home. Looking through a brochure will help present you with a few good ideas before you make your purchase. Choosing best carpet cleaner for home use can prevent you from having to call professionals and save you a few big bucks.

You can get a few recommendations from family and friends on their best choice of machine for their home. If you decide to make an online purchase, then your order can be shipped right to your door.

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