Getting Back to Work After Being a Full-Time Mother in 3 Simple Steps

Full-Time Mother – Back To Work

full-time mother

Have you dedicated yourself fully to being a mother and now find that after some years, your mothering services are a little, how can we put it, less in demand? Full-time mothers can feel that as children grow up, and need you less and less, a new chapter begins to emerge where it can feel that new challenges are beckoning.

Children Starting School

It is completely natural to feel that as children enter school and are around the house less, you as a mother have extra time that you feel you want to do something different with. This can be a tricky transitionary period however for mums that have been caring for kids full-time and haven’t worked for a few years. This new period of feeling less ‘needed’ by our kids, around the clock’, can have us feeling a little lost and a little unsure about what comes next.

Reentering The World Of Work

If you are at this stage in life, where your children are becoming a little more independent and you are wondering about entering, or reentering into the world of work, then you have come to the right place. Although our children will always need us, going back to work is a really exciting and rewarding new chapter in any mother’s life and it does not need to feel as overwhelming as many mothers find it. Read on for our top tips on converting those mother skills into work skills and how to go about getting back into work after being a full-time mum.

Skills Gained as a Mother

So many mums, wanting to get back into work ask themselves, ‘but what do I have to offer in a workplace, I’ve ‘just been’ a mum for the last few years?’. This common question could not be further from the truth however and you need to start recognising all the valuable new skills you have learnt from being a mother, that you didn’t have before. Mothering skills make you a very valuable resource, so you must start thinking about yourself differently.

Professional Mother

As a ‘professional mother’, which is exactly what you have been, you have been learning and developing considerable knowledge and new life experiences. You have been a teacher, exploring complex issues and concepts from inquisitive little minds. You have re-entered education as you coach children with the homework and projects that need to be done for school. This process will have opened your mind, in turn making you more interested and interesting about a wide range of topics which will certainly be attractive to any employer. Perhaps you found you enjoyed teaching your children so much that perhaps you may even consider looking into full time or part time teaching jobs. You certainly have the skills for it.

Leadership Skills

One of the tops skills that employers look for is leadership skills. There is no job in the world that needs to exercise leadership skills more than being a mother. So again leadership skills need to be added right to the top of your CV. Organisation skills will have been highly tuned as a mother and this is another highly employable skill this will serve you extremely well. Your children will have regularly tried and tested your skills as a conflict mediator, spiritual consultant, psychologist and confidante. These types of skills are highly in demand for jobs such as counsellors and all manner of jobs, so as you have had top-tier experience in all these areas, you should be in good stead for jobs in care and counselling.

Household Accounts

As a mother, head of the household, you will also have been forced to turn your hand to financial consulting. As you constantly balance your families monthly and yearly budget, with the demands, wants and needs of your kids. Constantly analysing your outgoings with your incomings to see where you can afford to stretch yourself and where you need to tighten the purse strings.

There is no more challenging time of life, financially than when you have children so this certainly would have had you looking at and dealing with finance and money in a much more detailed and analytic way. So if you have always fancied a career in finance or accounting then you already have many of the key skills in place. If you are interested in looking into finance and accountancy then check out the kind of jobs available here at,

Chef, Menu & Party Planner

Chef, weekly menu planner, professional shopper, family party planner even a health consultant, your endless hours in the kitchen and in the supermarket will have honed another set of very interesting skills. So if you are interested in food, cooking, nutrition, health then again you already have an impressive set of skills in your tool bag that will serve you very well in any of the above professions.


Of course, acting as a carer is probably the most important role for any mother. You have been there to comfort your kids on their down days and through their challenges and you have been there to support them, build them up so that they grow to be well rounded, confident and happy individuals. Therefore, unsurprisingly, a popular career to get into for mothers, is the sector of care and nursing. If this strikes a chord with you, find out more about the kind of jobs available in the care sector here at, There are many training opportunities available and there is a huge amount of support for mothers wanting to enter into this sector, so if this sounds like it could be something for you, now is the time to really look into it.

Now Focus on You

You have spent longer than you can remember, focusing on your kids needs first and putting your needs and wants secondary. Now is the time to start focusing on you and thinking about what you really want. You have invested so much time nurturing and developing your children that it is now time to do the same for yourself. This is no mean feat for most parents, where prioritising children’s needs is totally natural, actually asking yourself what you want, can take some getting use to.

Focus On Your Dreams

Now is the time to stop putting yourself to the side and really focus on the dreams that you used to have, and the ambitions that you now have for yourself. Think about the above skills that you have accumulated, think about the type of career you fancy and start thinking about how to position those skills on your CV, in your head and how to go after them. Not only will this new chapter make you incredibly happy it will also make your kids incredibly happy as they see their mum motivated, stimulated and working towards an exciting new chapter in life.

Explore & Discover

If you are struggling to know where to start, put pen to paper and start working through this in a practical and logical way. Write down the skills you have and what you feel that you offer. Then think about your passions and desires and look into the other talents that you have and get them all down on paper. Write down strengths and even your two biggest weaknesses and then stand back and look at how you look on paper.

Visualising the adjectives we use to describe ourselves can be a really eye-opening and interesting process and it can really help us make sense of who we are and the best skills that we have to offers. Explore and discover yourself so that you can then start really honing in on the types of careers and jobs that will best suit you, your profile and those desires and passions of yours.

Reach Out

This can be a slightly overwhelming process, so we recommend that you seek out help from the right people. Whether you contact a professional careers advisor in your local community or whether you reach out to friends that you know that work in your desired sector, or someone that has a lot of work experience.

Also talk to those that love and care for you about your plans and be open to their feedback. Sometimes it is surprising to hear from others, their opinions about our best skills and strengths and this can have a big impact on the decisions that you make. So get a fresh perspective from those that you trust and allow them to support you and build you up, as you have been doing with your kids all these years, so that you can enter into this new chapter feeling confident, excited and ready for the new challenges that lie ahead.

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