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28th June 2017

Kaycee’s First Year At Secondary School Is Nearly Over

First Year Nearly Done


It’s hard to believe Kaycee has nearly completed her first year at secondary school. She’s only got a couple of weeks left but she’s packed an awful lot into this year!

Kaycee doesn’t do change very well. We were a bit worried about how she was going to cope with something as big as moving to a new school.
However, she surprised us all! She took to it like a duck to water, as they say.

We received her report the other day and after reading it, just like when we went to parent’s evening, we were extremely proud of her.

She’s working at the 6-9 level (A and B to us old timers!) in all her subjects. Her teachers are very pleased with her effort.
At her school the pupils can earn Vivo points when they work well. One of the comments from her form tutor says that “she’s currently the top Vivo reward points earner in the school, let alone in her tutor group!”

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Preparing for a British Summer Holiday with the Family

Summer Holiday with the Family


Camping in the Cotswolds, hiking in the Peak District or crabbing in Cornwall – a British summer holiday with the family is certainly a highlight of the year. The break from routine and the brand new scenery revives and refreshes each and every one of us, and best of all, the quality time together provides ample opportunity to make memories together. So, with the summer holidays fast approaching, here’s how to prepare for yours.


Plan some activities


Whether you’re heading to Devon, Cornwall, the Lake District or somewhere else altogether, you’re bound to have a lovely time holidaying in Britain. But, you’ll get the best from it if you plan some activities in advance. (If you haven’t yet chosen and booked your summer holiday, the Telegraph has a helpful guide of some of the best locations for 2017).

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Begin by researching your destination to see what’s on offer. Trip Advisor is often a great resource if you want to see what locals and visitors recommend getting up to, and you can also find family-friendly restaurants and hotels if you’re in need of suggestions.


The National Trust also have properties and grounds all over the country, and they’ll be putting on lots of fun activities for children and adults during the summer holiday. So, consider buying a family membership (if you don’t already have one) in preparation for your summer holiday.


Make a packing list


A British summer holiday means you won’t have to struggle through the airport or endure a flight with the kids, but there’s still packing to be done. In preparation for your family trip, write yourself a detailed packing list to ensure you’ve remembered all the essentials.

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Aside from clothing for you and the kids, your little ones might also want to bring their favourite cuddly toys, bedtime books, activity books or a plug-in nightlight. Very little ones will need you to remember sippy cups, changing matts, a buggy and a buggy shade, and that’s in addition to preparing to pack beach essentials such as UV wetsuits, sunshades, after sun and lightweight anoraks (as the sun isn’t guaranteed in Britain!).


And, it’s also a good idea to invest in some girls, unisex or boys waterproof jackets ahead of your holiday, as well as waterproof trousers and wellies. That way, you’ll still be able to do all the fun holiday activities you’ve planned, even if it’s raining.


Figure out your spending budget


Your spending budget is going to be determined by the size of your family, the kinds of things you like to do, and overall affordability for your household generally. But, you can keep costs down by pre-booking tickets and opting to go self-catering, so you don’t necessarily need to spend a fortune to have fun. Identify a budget and stick to it, factoring in essentials such as car parking costs, petrol and – perhaps most importantly – ice cream.


Buy school essentials before you go away


Finally, as every parent knows, the school summer holidays aren’t just a time to go away: they’re also the time you replenish the stationery drawer, find new PE bags and pencil cases, and buy school uniforms. Make it easier on yourself by getting these kinds of tasks done ahead of going away for your British summer holiday: you’ll find you enjoy your holiday more if you don’t have the back to school admin looming over you, and you’ll also have full choice as the shops will be fully stocked.

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