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24th June 2017

Garden Hacks For The Person Who Hates Gardening!

Hacks For Those Who Don’t Like Gardening

Now that we have been experiencing the odd weekend heatwave now and again, more and more of us are heading out into our gardens to host and socialize. If you live in a fairly small house, your garden can be the ideal place to catch up with friends without everyone being tightly packed in – and even if you have room in your home, catching some rays outside can always be a pleasant end to the day! But what if you’re a bit of a garden-phobe, and you haven’t touched your grass or plants in – well, years?

Gardening certainly isn’t for everyone. It can be time-consuming, and you have to educate yourself to some extent about plants, soil, and fertilizers. You may not have the time for this, or perhaps it simply doesn’t interest you. But that doesn’t mean to say that you too can’t have a beautiful garden to be proud of. Sure, with summer essentially upon us, you might be in a race against the clock to create a space worth hanging out in. But it IS do-able – even if you’re the least green-fingered person on the planet!

Pick simple plants

Your favorite flower may well be an orchid… but if you think you’re going to be able to grow a selection in your back garden, you may be in for a bit of a surprise! Exotic flowers are notoriously hard to maintain, and should you go ahead and plant them; you may just be created more work for yourself. Opt instead for low-maintenance plants and flowers that don’t require much attention. Evergreen hedges and shrubs can pretty much be left to their own devices all year round, and petunias and crocuses are colorful flowers that tend to be fairly durable.


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Install an artificial lawn

Keeping a pristine lawn can often be harder than it looks. Cutting it can be hard manual labour, especially if your mower leaves much to be desired. Then, it’s a matter of dealing with dead patches, a waterlogged surface, and all manner of weeds that inevitably grow in there. To save you time, money and effort, in the long run, replace your natural lawn with something like LazyLawn Artificial Grass. This is also a perfect option if you have kids, as you can let them run amok playing games in the garden without fear that their activities will damage your lawn.

Alternative decor

A beautifully decorated garden doesn’t need to be all plants. There are other ways to create an engaging, dynamic space – such as by installing an eye-catching sculpture or a water feature. Water features, in particular, can add a relaxing air of zen to your outside space, and many manufacturers will also install them for you. If socializing outside is what you mainly use your garden for, put down some decking or paving and pitch up a stylish gazebo. Furniture isn’t just meant for inside the home, so invest in some stunning outdoor tables and chairs for an easy way to add character to your garden.

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How To Move Your Child Into Their Own Room

Moving Your Child Into Their Own Room

There comes a time when your baby will be ready to move out of your room and into their own. Exactly when you do this is entirely up to you. There are no hard and fast rules. You have to work out what is right for you and your child. What works for one child will not work for another so be flexible and don’t rush it.

Here are some tips for making the transition easy and fun for the whole family.

Teddy In Cot

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Make the room lovely

Make the room somewhere that you are happy to leave your baby. If you feel positive about it then they will too! This does not require a huge budget. All it takes is a few simple changes to make it a child-friendly environment.

Don’t go for décor that is too focused on babies. Remember that they grow very quickly and you could end up having to redecorate very quickly. This takes up a lot of time and money! Go for plain, neutral colours. Pastels and whites work very well and a few pots of emulsion cost very little. Finish the look off with some perfectly made curtains that will complement the décor. There are hundreds of ready-made styles to choose from. This is the ideal option when you have a young child to look after and have limited time.

Choose furniture that could have multiple functions. Could you buy a cot/bed that will last for a few years or a changing station that could convert into toy storage?

Let your baby get to know their room

Spend plenty of time in your baby’s new room with them. Go in there to get them dressed after a bath. Read with them in there and play games. Keep all of their toys and clothes in there. Make it somewhere that they are familiar with and where they feel relaxed. Allow them to explore all over the room and in their new bed or cot. Let them climb in and out of it whenever they want. They will soon come to the conclusion that is a safe and fun place to be.

Use the new bedroom for daytime naps

Start by using the room for daytime naps. The atmosphere around daytime naps is much more relaxed. You and your child are not over-tired, it is not dark and emotions are not running so high!

Use exactly the same routine for the nap as you did for the old room and don’t forget their usual toy or comforter.

Choose the right time for the move

Only you will know when that is. It is something that you may want to discuss with your partner. If you are both in favour of the move it will work better. It will not help if you are sending mixed messages to your child. However, there are occasions when it would not be advisable to make the transition. This is when you child is ill, when you have just moved into a new house or when a new sibling has just arrived!

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