Starting On The Raised Bed – Year Of The Garden

Raised Bed


We managed to get out in the garden for a while over the Easter weekend. Our first job is to make the raised bed so I dug over the former border. It used to look lovely before the grass and weeds took over.
It had a hydrangea and lots of lilies as well as spring bulbs.

The hydrangea ended up completely covered in long grass and the spring bulbs just didn’t come up again this year.

I dug the hydrangea and spring bulbs up. I’m not replanting any of them as we’re having a complete change and I’ve gone off hydrangeas.
I do want spring bulbs in front of the raised bed but I’m just going to buy new ones in the autumn.

Garden border before

garden border after

After I’d finished the digging I started giving the fence panels a coat of paint. We needed to get them done before we started the building.
I managed 1 panel before my back started hurting so Ant did the other 2 🙂

building a raised bed

building a raised bed

Ant made a start on building the raised bed and before he could get much done, rain stopped play!

Hopefully, we’ll be able to get out again tomorrow and get lots more done. I have some bushes to dig up and replant while Ant’s brick laying 🙂


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