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Argos catalogue Care Bear

Argos Catalogue

Before the days of the internet, we had the Argos catalogue. As a child, my brothers, John and James and my sister, Stacy, and I would spend hours searching the catalogue to see what to put on our Christmas lists.
I’m sure many children in the 80s were the same. We’d find it hard being patient, waiting while one of us got to pick first then passing it on to the next one!

I still check Argos first when I’m looking for new household furniture, when changing the colour scheme of my kitchen or when I’m Christmas shopping. It’s not the same without the catalogue though!

1985 catalogue

I came across a Flickr album with a 1985 Argos catalogue photostream and I took a trip down memory lane!

I remember the year everyone, myself included, wanted a Cabbage Patch Kid. It was impossible to get one and I never did. When I was about 25, I bought myself one! I never got over the longing of owning an actual Cabbage Patch Kid! This catalogue was printed 2 years after the ‘year of the Cabbage Patch Kid‘.

Argos Catalogue Cabbage Patch Dolls

I loved the Care Bear I got one Christmas. I had it for years 🙂 Mine was Cheer Bear. It’s the one with the rainbow on the tummy. I loved watching the Care Bears cartoon as well when I was younger.

Argos catalogue Care Bear

The game of life was another toy on my wish list that I didn’t get. I don’t remember why I wanted it so badly as I don’t think I’ve played it!

Argos catalogue Game of Life

A friend had one of these Tomytronic Sky Attack electronic games and I was addicted! It was brilliant and I wish I could play on one again 🙂

Argos catalogue sky attack

Mr Frosty was on my Santa list for years. It sounds awful that just about everything I wanted on this post I didn’t get! I totally know now why mum and dad didn’t buy a Mr Frosty though. I’ve bought one as an adult and I have to say, I wasn’t impressed. They obviously knew it wasn’t worth the money!

Argos catalogue Mr Frosty

I’m moving away from Christmas toys for the moment because while I was looking through the photo slide, I noticed this Eternal Beau dinner set. All through my teenage years, I planned to have this dinner set when I had a place of my own! I never bought it because it was out of my price range (I was only on £2.50 an hour in my first job!). I know it’s a bit dated now but I can still see why I liked it so much 🙂

Argos catalogue Eternal Beau dinner set

I’m feeling all nostalgic now I’ve seen some of the toys we wanted and some of the ones we used to have 🙂