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26th September 2016

Fitted office at home

Fitted office

When we win the lottery (that we refuse to play now since the price increase!) we’d love to make some changes to our home. Ant has his big garage that he calls his office (there’s no way his car will fit in there!) but it would be much better if it were a fitted office.

If we had the money, we’d get the builders (who very conveniently live next door!) to convert the garage. We would have a bigger kitchen and a utility room. Ant would have a nice big room so he could have a fitted home office. Lots and lots of storage would be great to help him get organised.
I’m sure if he had better storage solutions, he would have a tidier office.

At this point, I’d normally show a photo of his office but I’m not going in there! I would if it looked anything like this:

fitted office

I tend to steer clear of his office (which I’m sure he’s very happy about!). If there were things in there I needed, I wouldn’t even know where to start looking.
Fitted modern hinged door wardrobes could be a perfect solution for his storage needs. It’s not only an office space, it has all his tools/DIY stuff in as well. He’s also got stock he’s going to be selling online and at car boot sales. It really could do with someone to come in, see what he’s got and design the whole storage solution for him, making the best use of the space.

fitted office

Seeing as we don’t play the lottery, though, it’s going to a be while before we can make the transformations we want but it’s always nice to window shop and dream, isn’t it?!


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