Fashion – How many clothes do two girls need?

Girls and clothes!

I’ve never been a girly girl who loves clothes and fashion so it’s come as a bit shock to me, having two girls who love both. They have more clothes each than I’ve ever owned!

We bought new wardrobes a few years ago and Kaycee still has one with her clothes in but she’s struggling to fit everything. Ella’s wardrobe was put in Aiden’s room last year because he didn’t have room for his clothes in the drawers we gave him.
His old drawers were taken downstairs to the living room and used to store all the craft stuff instead. Ella had 2 sets of pink plastic drawers for her clothes which worked well for a while. They’re quite deep and fit a lot of clothes in. One set was used for her school uniform clothes and the other for her play clothes.

More clothes!

Their clothes seem to have multiplied this summer and it’s not all my fault! Admittedly, I did buy a bag of girls clothes from the charity shop. They were in brilliant condition and I couldn’t say no. Their sister also spoilt them, as usual when they went to stay for a weekend in the holidays!

Add to that, birthday presents containing more clothes and birthday money to buy even more clothes all followed!

The end result is that Kaycee tried to put all Ella’s clothes away and couldn’t fit them in so she tried making space in her wardrobe and that didn’t work either!

Seeing as Aiden’s staying home now (he was planning to go and live with his dad when he was 16) and bedroom plans changed, we’re not going to be getting the big room anytime soon.
We wanted to have made-to-measure fitted wardrobes when we moved into the big bedroom. I’m thinking we might have to have them fitted sooner rather than later so the girls can fit everything in!

The following are my two favourites:

iwardobe made-to-measure fitted wardrobe cream

iwardrobe made-to-measure fitted wardrobe blue


The ultimate dream, for the girls, would be to have bespoke walk-in-wardrobes each! It’s not a dream of mine because I’d never have enough clothes/shoes/bags/accessories to fill even a small one!


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