Updated Stairs Project – Before and After

Updated Stairs

I took ‘before’ photos of my stairs last July because I didn’t like the carpet and wanted to do something fun instead. I scoured Pinterest and found and some wonderful ways to decorate stairs. We decided to paint the steps and wallpaper the risers.

We finally bought the wallpaper and paint last month and Ant’s done the first set of stairs. The middle landing and the stairs round the corner are still to be done but so far, I LOVE it!

It’s taken a few weeks to get these first ones done because obviously, we still have to get upstairs so Ant’s been doing alternate steps and putting masking tape on the ones we can step on.
As expected, people (not naming names but not just the kids and not me!) forgot a few times resulting in footprints in the wet paint that had to dry before they could be sanded and repainted!


Updated stairs project - Carpeted stairs



Updated stairs project - painted and wallpapered stairs

Updated stairs project - painted and wallpapered stairs


It’s so much nicer than the carpet. I don’t have to lug a hoover up each step when they need cleaning. I can now sweep them with a brush and dustpan and give them a wipe with a damp cloth 🙂