Star Stable – Review

Star Stable

Star Stable

I went through a stage of being a little bit addicted to MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role-playing games) so I was keen to check out Star Stable and see how the girls would get on with it.

Our character is called Anzia Snowbell and the horse is called Morningpetal. You need to try and log in every day to take care of your horse but as you can see, the girls haven’t logged in for a few days due to lack of time (Brownies, Beavers and homework are a few of the things keeping them offline at the moment!).

Anzia is given quests to do and you can also take part in racing competitions. Kaycee did really well in the races once she mastered the controls.

I’ve had a go on Star Stable purely for the sake of the review you understand! and while it’s not the normal type of game I’d play I did enjoy it. I found myself saying, ‘in a minute Ella, I’m just going to finish this quest’, every time she asked for a go!

You can play for free up to level 5 and if you want to become a member you can pay £4.95 a month, £11.95 for 3 months, £18.90 for 6 months or £49.90 for a lifetime membership.

Please note: We were given a 3-month membership in return for an honest review.

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