Lamaloli Clothes – Review

The girls now have a new favourite website to browse, looking for new clothes! Lamaloli has their favourite characters, including Hello Kitty and Monster High.

Lamaloli T-Shirts & Pyjamas

We ordered some t-shirts and pyjamas and the girls absolutely love them.

Ella was upset when her pyjamas were put in the wash and weren’t dried in time for her to wear them to bed that night!

I was very impressed with the quality and the prices, which on the site are in Euros. The pyjamas I ordered for Kaycee came in at under a fiver a pair when you convert the prices to GBP.

I’m planning on buying lovely, quality clothes, at a great price, for my many nieces and nephews for birthdays and Christmas now we’ve found this site! 🙂

I ordered them 2 pairs of pyjamas each, 2 t-shirts for Kaycee and a t-shirt for Ella all for the brilliant price of £40.
The girls have been complaining for ages that their pyjamas were getting too small. The ones they had for Christmas were all onesies which were getting too warm to wear now that winter is fading so these came at the perfect time for them!

Ella wearing Hello Kitty pyjamas from Lamaloli


Kaycee wearing Hello kitty t-shirt from Lamaloli


Kaycee wearing her new t-shirt from Lamaloli


Ella wearing new pyjamas from Lamaloli


Kaycee wearing her new pyjamas from Lamaloli


Ella wearing her new Monster High t-shirt from Lamaloli


Kaycee wearing her new Hello Kitty pyjamas from Lamaloli

Please note: We were sent a voucher for the clothes in order to provide an honest review.