No More Messy Bedroom!

Since Christmas Kaycee and Ella’s bedroom has been disgraceful. Ant and I got fed up of seeing it in such a mess so last Monday I decided to go and clean it properly. I’ve told both of them I don’t want to see a messy bedroom again.

Messy Bedroom

I ended up being in there for the whole day (except for one hour at lunch) and with Ant’s help, the bedroom got a change round.
We separated the bunk beds into two separate beds. Obviously, they take up more room but the thinking behind it was that the less floor space they have, the less mess they can make.

Tidy Bedroom!

Time will tell but so far it’s stayed fairly tidy although Ella’s had to be reminded daily to put her clothes to wash and toys away at the end of the day.

The side with Kaycee’s bed has remained spotless.

When they get their own rooms, I know which one I’ll have to nag to keep it clean!

This is the room before the change round






This is what it looks like now :o)



We’ve got some shelves to put up for each of them above their beds instead of bedside tables as there isn’t room and I also kept the fairy lights from the Christmas tree so we can put them on the shelves 🙂