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For a few years now I’ve wanted to wrap up 24 different Christmas story books so the girls could open one each night of advent and be surprised with a new story.

A selection of Christmas story books


Since starting my volunteering job at the charity shop I’ve been able to sort through the books and reserve them until I could collect them and today I completed our new collection of 24 Christmas stories for advent 🙂

I’m so excited! I can’t wait to get them wrapped and for December 1st to get here so we can read our first one.
I was going to use some of the books that we already have but I thought that seeing as they were so cheap it would be nice to have 24 completely new stories this year.

The girls are going to love it because they look forward to story time every night and they’re going to think it’s brilliant to unwrap a new book 🙂
I think this is going to become a much loved Christmas tradition in our house!