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November 17th. Dear Diary

November 17th – I can’t believe I forgot to do my weekly post again last week and this one should have been posted yesterday!

Well, that’s not exactly true, I can believe it because my memory is rubbish and I forgot to set a reminder on my phone!
I’m doing that now so I don’t forget again 🙂

Our week included a birthday for the super wonderful husband, a Chinese takeaway paid for by him with his birthday money as a treat for us! A new role for Kaycee at school and a lovely birthday lunch at the pub where one of Ant’s older children works.

It was really nice spending time with Kellyann, Jervais, Granddad, Jourdain and his girlfriend, Nettie. It’s not often Ant gets to spend time with his older children without the small ones being around so they went to Nanny’s for the afternoon while we for lunch.

The girls had already celebrated with Ant on his birthday, making him gingerbread cards instead of paper cards and instead of a cake because he’s not a big fan of cake!
Ella decided she didn’t want to make a card, though, she wanted to make Christmas cookies for daddy instead!

November 17th - Gingerbread Birthday Card


November 17th - Birthday presents and cards on the coffee table


November 17th - Close-up of Birthday presents and cards

The next day we also celebrated with a Chinese takeaway. I cracked open the Shloer that I’d been saving for Christmas and Ant fetched some lager from the off-licence. He doesn’t drink very often so it was a nice birthday treat for him.
The kids thought it was great to be able to sit in front of the tv with their takeaway and Shloer and watch Diary of a Wimpy Kid 🙂

The Chinese meal was delicious and totally worth however many syns it was because I’d not had a Chinese in over a year!
The next afternoon I also had fish and chips for lunch so I’m not expecting great things at my weigh in on Wednesday but life is for living and I’ll be sure to have a better week this week 🙂

Kaycee’s very excited to be taking on a new role at school, that of junior PCSO. She had to write a speech and read it to her class so they could vote for who they thought would make the best PCSOs. I think three children were picked and she was so happy when she told me she was one of them 😀

I think that’s about it for this week 🙂