Weekly weigh in – Gained but don’t know how much!

I feel like I’ve had a terrible week that was topped off by a visit to McDonald’s last night, the night before weigh in so I decided not to find out how much I gained this week. I know I can sometimes let weight gain get to me so I got weighed but asked Jackie not to tell me the result.
I’ve done a full menu plan for the week ahead and I aim to stick to it religiously. I will get my 9 stone award by Christmas.

gained weight


I’m going to meal plan every week now to keep me on track and I’m getting it into my head that Christmas is not an excuse to pig out. I’ll have treats but I’ll work them into my syns.

I need to focus on this now so I can be in control at Christmas.

I’ll check next week, just before I get weighed, to see what my result was this week and I’ll update my chart when I get back from Slimming World next Wednesday 🙂