Weekly weigh in – Gained 1lb

I gained 1lb this week and I totally blame Ant’s niece and her new husband because they had waiters and waitresses that kept refilling my champagne and wine glasses for hours last Saturday 😀

I have to admit I got a little tipsy and that’s very unusual for me as the last time I got drunk was about 10 years ago.

I was actually happy with the gain though because I was expecting a lot worse!

I’m ready to go for it now. I’ve had enough of messing. I want my 9 stone award and if I stick to it 100% from now until Christmas I can get there.

gained 1lb - weight chart

The grey squares are the ones I need to turn red in order to get my 9 stone award.
I did put my Christmas goal as getting back to my 85.stone weight loss weight but that was the easy option. This one means I need to push myself and knuckle down.