Slimming World Woman of the Year

I can’t believe I won Slimming World woman of the year at my Slimming World group. I want to thank everyone from my group for voting for me 😀

I think everyone who’s following my journey knows I’ve struggled with it this past year. I lost 7 stone in my first year and only 1 and a half stone my second year.

Slimming World Woman Of the Year

The fact that I haven’t given up and put it all back on is down to my lovely consultant, Sue, and all the members who support me every week.

This came at just the right time for me as I’ve had a big gain this week and was feeling quite down about it.
I got home from group and gave Ant the 2 packets of Reeses peanut butter cups (approx 30 syns for the 2 packets) I had intended to eat and not count the syns because I was feeling crappy and I’ve been totally on track today, even working out the syns for a portion of our homemade ice cream and sticking to that portion! It was 12 syns but oh my it was totally worth it!

I have the determination I had when I first joined 2 years ago and I want this next year to be as good as the first.
I’ll be happy, though, as long as I weigh less in a year than I do now, even it’s only 1 and a half stone lower because it’s 100 times better than being 10 stone heavier 😀