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6th December 2013

The Croods DVD – Big thumbs up!

We received a copy of The Croods on DVD from 20th Century Fox and Mumsnet and I have to thank them for bringing a little bit of peace and quiet to this house for a while!

I think it must have been the first time the girls and Aiden had agreed on the movie choice and sat together to enjoy it 🙂
This movie got us all laughing, especially at belt who is easily our most favourite character. Ella does a great, ‘dun dun dun’ Belt impression and makes us all laugh!

I must admit, we did spend a lot of time laughing at Ella laughing at the movie. When she finds a movie funny she lets it all out, very loudly!
I think her and our favourite part has to be where Guy shows them fire and they accidentally make fireworks and popcorn.

For those who don’t know, the movie is about a family living in the Croodaceous period who find themselves having to travel through a fantastical land when their cave is destroyed.
The dad, Grug is very over protective and clashes with his teenage daughter, Eep who wants more from life. She doesn’t think it’s worth fighting so hard to stay alive if she’s not allowed to really live.

Grug’s married to Ugga and they also have Thunk and Sandy who I have to say is a little crazy but so adorable! Grugs mother in law lives with them and is another of our favourite characters; the relationship between Grug and Gran is archetypal mother and son in law, which makes for great jokes!

Eep meets Guy and Belt at the start of the film and he tells her the end is coming. They all end up working together to survive and as expected, there’s a lovely happy ending for them all 🙂

The Croods will be available to buy on Blue Ray and DVD from Monday 9th December 2013, just in time to fill the stockings of your little darlings, who will love it, I’m sure, just as much as we all do 🙂

Disclaimer: We were sent a copy of The Croods on DVD to review. All opinions are honest and accurate.

Advent activity – Christmas photos

Our advent activity yesterday was to take fun Christmas photos of each other 🙂



For the following photos we used Instagram Xmas Booth. I think The Grinch was everyone’s favourite!






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