Turtle Mat Christmas Challenge

The people at Turtle Mat have set a challenge for bloggers to create a mood board showcasing their perfect Christmas theme that will help make their home more welcoming during the holiday season.

There are three themes to choose from:
A welcoming entrance
A welcoming living room
A welcoming dining room
I’ve chosen the living room and here’s my mood board 🙂
welcoming Christmas living room
I love the Christmas door mats from Turtle Mat but unfortunately, all of their Christmas designs have sold out!
I don’t know what it is that appeals to me about The Nutcracker but I’ve always wanted one as part of my Christmas decorations but never got round to buying one.
Now we’ve got a fireplace and mantel, I’ll definitely be adding one to our collection so he can stand on the hearth at the side of the fire 🙂
We used to always have mistletoe at Christmas when I was younger but it’s a tradition I haven’t kept up with since getting my own home. It’s time that changed!
The most important thing at Christmas that helps make our living room welcoming and cosy is the twinkling lights so I like to have lots on the tree and on the mantel.
It looks so lovely with the fire switched on and the lights all shining round the mantel 🙂