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24th August 2013

Photo Challenge – August 16th to 23rd

17th – I used the plants I’d been sent for review and made two of these displays in some stone pots I had. I love them 🙂
18th – Kaycee’s started wearing an eye mask to bed that she got in a gift set. She keeps complaining that it’s not worth wearing it because it falls off in the middle in the night!
19th – Kaycee, Ella and I went to the park with some friends and they had a picnic lunch. It was nice to get out of the house for a while. The girls enjoyed playing with their friend and I enjoyed having a natter with her mum 🙂
20th – Settling down for a story after bath time 🙂
21st – I got my 7 stone award at Slimming World today 😀 I updated my other blog with my before and current photos if you’d like to take a look
22nd – Ella made the dessert today, it was flapjack, banana, ice cream and chocolate sauce and it was delicious. Kaycee had made dinner for us which was also yummy (I helped with the hot oven). She made chicken pizza which had the chicken as the base and a topping of tomato sauce, mushrooms, sweetcorn and cheese. I’m going to get her to make it again because we really enjoyed it 🙂
23rd – The kids have gone to Aiden’s dad’s for the week so I made a lovely meal for Ant and I. We had mashed potatoes and steak served with tomatoes and mushrooms roasted in garlic, balsamic vinegar, basil and thyme. For the sauce, I fried some onions and mushrooms, added a little stock then put it in the pan that I’d cooked the tomatoes in so all the balsamic and garlic mingled with the onions and mushrooms.
It would have been syn free but I decided to add some butter to the mash. It was well worth the 4 syns!
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