The forever whale by Sarah Lean – Review

Kaycee’s a huge book lover. She was very excited to receive a collection of books by Sarah Lean and chose to read The Forever Whale first.

Here are her thoughts on the story:

“This story is about a girl named Hannah and her Granddad. They used to go out sailing together but the Granddad got Alzheimer’s and it got too bad that he had to go in a care home.
Hannah was looking forward to the 13th of August because her Granddad was going to tell her a story about a dolphin but she realised he couldn’t remember it.

I haven’t read the ending yet but I’m really enjoying it and can’t wait to find out what happens. Sometimes the book makes me feel very emotional.”

Kaycee has been reading the story out loud at bedtime and both Ella and I are enjoying along with her. We all think Sarah Lean is an excellent writer and we’re looking forward to reading the other books we were sent 🙂