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1st August 2013

Book review – The Fairy Bell Sisters

Ella usually has to share review items with Kaycee so you can imagine how excited she was to receive two books just for her to review!

The first one we’ve read is called, The Fairy Bell Sisters – Silver and the fairy ball.

The Fairy Bell Sisters are the younger sisters of Tinkerbell; there’s Clara, Lily, Rosie, Silver and baby Squeak.

Silver is sad because she’s one day too young to attend the annual fairy ball. She can be a little naughty sometimes but always has the best intentions.

Here’s what Ella thinks of the book:

“I really like the fairy bell sisters. I love fairies because they’re nice. Chapter 3 made me laugh because it says, ‘oh thank goodness you’ve turned the page!’. It’s so funny.
I think it is suitable for my age. I am nearly 6.
I’m looking forward to reading Rosie and the secret friend”


How does your garden grow – August 1st

I’ve done the path around the children’s play area but haven’t got photos yet so this week it’s photos from my own garden 🙂

I’m very excited to show off my lilies! They finally started opening and late last night we had the back door open and the scent of the lilies was drifting through the room 🙂
I was surprised to find that they’re now yellow after being white with a hint of yellow last year!





The carnations have also started to open

Two of the three rose bushes I rescued from Nanny’s front garden are blooming

The Sidalcea Nanny bought me for my birthday last year is looking lovely

and I was really pleased to find a Lantana plant when I nipped into a local shop with Ant the other day. I had a pink one a couple of years ago but I didn’t protect it over winter and it died.
I’ll be bringing this yellow one in the house this year!
I’m still on the lookout for another pink one. There are some seeds I can buy on Amazon so if I don’t find an adult plant, I’ll get some seeds.

This week the linky is over at PODcast while the lovely Mammsaurus is on holiday 🙂

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