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13th March 2012

Listography – 5 favourite recipe books.

Listography time again (although I’m a little late; good job Kate leaves the linky open for more than a day!) and this week it’s our top 5 favourite recipe books.

At number one, it has to be my well worn copy of Delia. It used to be my mum’s and she gave to me when I left home. Growing up it was always the first book I turned too when I wanted to learn how to cook something. As you can see, it’s been battered but all the important parts are still there!

Number two is one of Ant’s favourites. Some of the recipes are quite old fashioned but the ones we try always work out well. The best Yorkshires I’ve ever had were made by Ant and he used the recipe from this book 🙂

I don’t like how he treats people but there’s something about Gordon that makes me keep watching his programmes! I loved this book when I bought it and haven’t used nearly as much I should but the recipes I have done were absolutely delicious. I’m now going to have another look through it and make something different for next Sunday’s lunch 🙂

You probably know that Nigella is my absolute favourite chef and I remember how excited I got when I ordered this book! I can’t believe how long I’ve left it sitting on the shelf. Another one to have a look through later!

At number 5 it’s a book given to me by my stepson, Jason. He’s a chef and Nick signed this book for him. I have to admit I haven’t tried the recipes yet but it’s been very useful when I’ve needed help with techniques I’m not familiar with.

Thanks to Kate for another great listography 🙂 Click the pic to see more top 5 recipe books.


73 / 365 New TV (well new to us!)

We’re loving the bigger screen 🙂 Only downside is that we can’t get the TiVo remote to work the TV like it used to with our other TV so we have to have two remotes on hand.
I know it’s only a trivial matter which I’ll get used to eventually! It’s worth it to have the lovely big screen 🙂

Pairs in Pears by Bananagrams

We received a PAIRSinPEARS game from Bananagrams the other day and I have to say, we LOVE it! The first time we played, KayCee (6) was helped by Grandad and I was ‘helped’ by Ella (4)!
To play, you each have a certain number of letter tiles (the number depends on how many players there are) and you have to work fast to make pairs of connecting words in the same pattern.

If you’ve never heard of it (and to be honest, I hadn’t) here’s the blurb 🙂

PAIRSinPEARS is a word construction game for age 6+, where players race to make pairs of connecting words in matching patterns. PAIRSinPEARS comes in a pear-shaped cloth pouch, containing four full alphabet sets in four beautiful and distinct designs. The game provides a great way for children to develop memory and cognitive skills while learning the alphabet, pattern recognition, vowels, vocabulary, rhyming and more.

We played a couple of games until it was bedtime which led to the girls complaining that they weren’t tired and would like to play just one more game!
They went to bed when I promised we could play again the next evening when they got home from school 🙂

As promised, we played again the next day and Aiden (11) joined us. We didn’t play the timed version because KayCee can’t do it fast enough so we played the Pairs Points version. You don’t have to match up the designs in each word but if you do you get double points.

It’s a perfect game for Kaycee; she fell in love with words once she learnt how to read and she’s always practising her spelling and reading. The game is helping her learn the difference between consonants and vowels. She’s really good at it and has won a few times.
It hasn’t worked out quite so well for me….I keep getting all the Q’s. I mean, how is it possible that no matter how much we mix them up, I pick the Q’s every time?!

I’m definitely going to be checking out the other games from Bananagrams; they’ll be great as birthday presents for the girls 🙂

* We received a free PAIRSinPEARS game in return for an honest review.

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