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4th February 2012

365 day photo challenge – 35 / 365

Ella found this little ladybird in the kitchen this morning. She loves them and spent a while letting it crawl over her arm before taking outside.

I’m picking this one as my favourite of the week and linking up over at The Boy And Me 🙂

Listography – Top 5 phrases that drive me crazy

I’m going back to the past and listing the phrases that used to drive me crazy when I was young and my dad would say them to me. We’re from Derbyshire so you have to say them in a strong Derbyshire accent to get the full effect!
I now find it funny to use them on my children, (except the last one) knowing it’s going to drive them crazy till they grow up and see the funny side 🙂

1) Coming in from school and asking what was for tea, my dad would reply, ‘a run round table and a kick at pantry door’.
2) When the sky showed signs of a storm on the way he’d say, ‘It’s a bit black ower Bill’s mothas’. When I asked who Bill was, he’d laugh!

3) Being told no when I asked for something I’d reply, ‘awww that’s not fair’, to which the standard answer would always be, ‘who ever told you life was fair, was lying’.

4) ‘Shut the door, where you born in a barn?. I always wanted to say, ‘I’m your daughter, you should know’. But I never dared because being cheeky to my dad wasn’t the done thing!

5) The last is something I used to get told off for by my dad. I couldn’t understand why but now I’m a mum, I totally understand and agree; it winds me up when kids say Soz instead of sorry. It really annoys me because it sounds disrespectful and not at all genuine.

For more lists, head on over to Kate’s 🙂


Spaghetti IN sausages! #pinaddicts

I saw this recipe for spaghetti in sausages on Pinterest and knew my kids would LOVE it so I gave it a go 🙂 I wasn’t wrong, they were amazed, especially Aiden who said it was super amazingly awesome. It’s not often my cooking gets such high praise!


KayCee was the first to ask how it was done and after explaining that you just push the dried spaghetti through the sausages before you cook them she was eager to do it herself.
I now have to order more sausages from Tesco so they can all have a go next week!
I served theirs with beans, carrots, peas and sweetcorn while Ant and I sauce made from soft cheese, onions and garlic sausage. We also had the veg mixed in. It was delicious.

The thing to remember next time is not to make so many. I did 2 tins of sausages, which I’d usually use when serving them as hot dogs in buns. I used less spaghetti than I would normally use if I were cooking it to go with a sauce but found that the portions looked huge serving them this way. The girls had about three-quarters of a sausage each and Aiden had about 1 and a half. With the beans and the veg, they ended up with quite a large dinner and we ended up with loads of spaghetti and sausages left!
They’re having them again for lunch today 🙂


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